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Windows 8: Hate It Already? Why Waiting for Windows 9 Won't Help

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    Windows 8: Hate It Already? Why Waiting for Windows 9 Won't Help

    Conventional Windows wisdom seems to hold that every other version of Windows is terrible and needs to be fixed by whatever version comes after that. Does this mantra sound familiar?

    Windows XP, good. Windows Vista, bad. Windows 7, good. Windows 8, bad. Windows 9, good.

    That's how it's supposed to go, right?

    Given the drastic changes in Windows 8, it's no surprise that some users who hate it are already holding out hope for a better Windows 9.

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    Not really in line with conventional wisdom.
    I thought 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 were all good.
    Hell, I thought DOS was cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Not really in line with conventional wisdom.
    I thought 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 were all good.
    Hell, I thought DOS was cool!

    Every new Windows OS is pretty cool! Except for vista, it at least looked nice when everything locked up and became unresponsive!
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    I agree with the article. It's hogwash, posh, and caldron bum to think Windows 9 will magically be solely a Desktop based OS when 8 started to split off from that. The best that will come out of Windows 9 will have to be more metro based features and slight UI tweaking that will be based off usage data and feedback.
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    Agree on that, Coke Robot.

    My best guess is Win 9 will appeal as the bolder proof of what MS been doing with Win 8. No way for MS to step back from Win 8 whole concept.
    Just wish more interesting apps and functionality will be among their priorities.

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    OK, I repost that since someone has opened a thread on this article. Here is why I don't agree with you. No offense.
    Quote Originally Posted by PCWorld
    Windows 8: Hate It Already? Why Waiting for Windows 9 Won't Help One possibility would be for Microsoft to concede defeat. Instead of forcing users to adopt the new Windows interface, Microsoft could give users the option to boot directly into the desktop, launch programs through an old-school Start menu, and maybe even bring back the Start button. This seems like the least likely option, given the steps Microsoft has taken to make its new interface unavoidable. I don't think Microsoft will cave unless there's a huge backlash.
    How PC world's writer Jared Newman cannot face reality and see that Metro is already a spectacular defeat? At least 2/3 of W8 users are destroying Metro within minutes of install. There are at least 4 patches, famous on the internet, to kill Metro and restore Start Menu. And it was predictable.
    Quote Originally Posted by PCWorld
    PCs face a serious threat from tablets, especially the iPad. Microsoft must respond with an OS that makes sense for tablets.
    No the PC doesn't face serious treat from tablet if you consider that tablets are PC with a smaller size. It's like saying 10 years ago that PC faced treat from laptops. Pleace define "PC"! Nobody needs two towers, but some need one tower and tablet. Or one large laptop and a smartphone, or just a smartphone and no computer because they don't do computer job, etc
    Quote Originally Posted by PCWorld
    Office Suite apps abound, as do keyboard cases that make the iPad more laptop-like. You can write code and design webpages on the iPad. You can compose music and edit video, too.
    Indeed if you add a normal keyboard, a 19' screen, a mouse and one or two other accessories you may do the same as on a desktop PC. But then again, please define "PC". Seriousely if you do these jobs on a daily basis you better buy a tower. Designing webpages on a small screen is much likely to get loosy.
    Quote Originally Posted by PCWorld
    Microsoft must respond with an OS that makes sense for tablets
    Trashing the desktop Windows the way they do won't help tablet sale. The opposite would be true. A nice OS for desktop would lure more customers into Windows tablets. There are shooting themsleves in the foot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cokie Robot
    It's hogwash, posh, and caldron bum to think Windows 9 will magically be solely a Desktop based OS when 8 started to split off from that.
    If W9 still allows 3rd party softwares that can make it Desktop based, Start Menu enabled then I agree, it's viable. It's hogwash, hubbub and folly to think that billions of users will magically forget about the desktop, after nearly 30 years, just because MS made one or two versions of windows which split from that.
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    It probably won't help because the metro interface will still be there. If they find a better replacement for the start menu that would be good. There are just a few things missing from this version. I actually liked Me. Can't say the same for vista. I liked 7 because it is what Vista should have been like because Vista took so long yet it didn't do anything dramatic and still lacked features XP should have had. I think the problem with 8 is most changes are done on the tablet side(metro). Desktop is treated as a app that is part of the whole system. Before desktop was the system. Is is just awkward in my opinion. Metro is good for touch based devices(although it could be a little less blah looking) but when I want to use it with a mouse it's not as easy. I'm not saying it's impossible but hovering over a lower corner is just awkward. I get that there are short cuts but some people just don't use them so it should be easy. On a tablet I could see things being closed opened quicker since it was made for that interaction. I wish they made a desktop solution for removing the start menu. It just doesn't make sense you have to go into a different environment (metro start screen) to do desktop things. The UI still clashes even with all the changes because the desktop just looks awkward in metro or perhaps it was not as well done as it could have. Aside from that it doesn't even make sense that you have to go into metro to search for things. When you are in a metro app you wouldn't have to go outside of that app to do things. Also when you search sometimes there is a desktop version and a metro app version of the same thing since they don't actually divide the apps by the environment it makes it hard for you to know if it's a metro app or a desktop program.

    In windows 9 I doubt much of this will change. Maybe they will find a new solution for start menu(the start screen isn't a good replacement) Maybe they will fix that odd hidden menu. Haven't tried the RTM so I don't know if this holds true. But right now when I put a metro app next to a desktop app on the left side it's awkward. I still have to right click the left edge of the screen to get that hidden menu even if that contains the metro app which is awkward. I hope the fix up the desktop UI it's clean and simple, yes. But, it's also badly done. The scroll bar I wish looked like the metro scroll bar which is that it has no track and no up or down buttons. Right now it looks worse than the windows 95 scroll bar. The buttons look severely stretch vertically.

    Overall Windows 9 will continue in hybrid fashion perhaps as they have already made it this way. There will be improvements no doubt but if people are looking for the metro stuff to disappear it doesn't look likely. I mean the metro (speaking about the environment not the interface) will stay don't know if it will use the same UI in the future but it's their tablet system unless they come up with a new one soon or windows 8 bombs it will be staying. I don't mind it I just need them to make the desktop work better. I do all my work in the desktop environment. Right now it's not as easy to use there are some things I've learned but compared to before it just doesn't feel as natural. It probably shouldn't since it was built with touch in mind first. I hope they update windows programs though such as windows media player which needs an update badly.
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    No one's claiming the Desktop is trashed and will be gone and irrelevant by Windows 9, 10 maybe. The Desktop isn't even gone and isn't trashed. It's still there and still works, it's just a UI shell as much as Start Screen is a UI shell.

    And as for those "2/3" taking out the Start Screen, I will place a whole dollar as to say those are the hardcore Windows nerds that only care about new features versus a new UI....

    But as for the consumer crowd, we've yet to see the impact Windows 8 will have on them. From my personal small group of testers, no one has requested back the start menu, asked for it, or even care about it. To them, they still use the Desktop just as much as they did with 7 and if they have necessary items on Start like Libraries and Computer, to them, it acts and functions like it did before. It's just that Start is an interface to launch different apps as well. Best of both I'd say.
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    The long and winding road has been laid years ago. With every step there is new scenery, sometimes in good weather, sometimes in bad. The author mentions that M$ treads the road carefully. The general market is heading for touch. iMe and other products have proved that. M$ needed to, and had to go in this direction to remain a big player.

    While developing a new UI and Surface for touch, they kept the Win 32 desktop there for the user to continue to use legacy programs and to propitiate the long-time dedicated customer. OEMs are jumping on the band wagon as well.

    Whether the desktop continues in 9 or possibly 10 will remain to be seen, but I feel the author is correct in that the new UI is here to stay. No turning back now. From a profit standpoint, the new UI apps and the store is the way to go. After all, iMe capitalizes on it. Besides, one pays for legacy programs just as well. It's just a shift on who makes the bucks.

    Business is nothing but taking money out of one's pockets and putting into another via a product or service. I guarantee Microsoft will not shed one tear for those who don't go along for the ride anymore than Apple, Google, OEMs, or any other major corporation in any other industry. Bottom line -> It's about profit.

    I'll end with a quote of the sales VP of IBM who stated back in the early 50's: "Nothing happens in this country until something gets sold."
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Windows 8: Hate It Already? Why Waiting for Windows 9 Won't Help

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