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Genius Windows 8 Touch Mouse Hands-On: Perform Gestures from Afar

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    Genius Windows 8 Touch Mouse Hands-On: Perform Gestures from Afar

    When it launches, Windows 8 will enable a whole new world of multitouch gestures for touchpads, but what if you want to perform those gestures without touching the screen, touching your touchpad or touching your notebook at all? A new wireless mouse from peripheral-maker Genius allows you to perform Windows 8 gestures while standing several feet away from your notebook and holding it in the air.
    Genius Windows 8 Touch Mouse Hands-On: Perform Gestures from Afar

    Uh huh...

    A Guy

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    I'll pass.

    Mouse and keyboard, the only way to go.
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    Two handed mouse
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    Nice idea in theory but it doesn't really seem to work in practice... it doesn't even seem to be responsive! Epic fail! lol
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    Shoot! I thought of this kind of idea while writing in a thread about touch a few weeks ago. I added it to a list of personal ideas/inventions. Oh well!! Telle est la vie!! The only course for me now is to improve it.

    Two handed mouse
    As some may know here, I hate the mouse. It's a close cousin to the rat! I'm more of a shortcut key user. And for quite some time. While some are saying M$ is forcing us to go touch, I think it's the way to go, although, I'll admit, a touch monitor at a PC may be cumbersome and some may not desire to use it at all. Personally I sit at my PC with the screen just shy of an arm's length.

    This contraption is a funny, if one needs to hold it in two hands. That doesn't make sense at I have two busy hands instead of one! But, I believe they're on the right track. (Pun intended) I'm sure they'll improve the response.

    All in all, I wouldn't buy one.

    BTW: If evolution were true, wouldn't we have three hands? It always seems we need another one!!
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    We used to have 4 but have evolved to using 2 as feet and 2 as hands, proof of evolution!
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    Don't Microsoft have a hardware division, making mice and keyboards, microphones, headsets and and webcams? Shouldn't they be first here with the tablet mouse:

    Click image for larger version

    and the Microsoft metro keyboard:

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by fafhrd View Post
    and the Microsoft metro keyboard:

    Click image for larger version
    It would be even more Metro-like if the Enter key was animated, changing color and label from "Enter" to "Return".
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Genius Windows 8 Touch Mouse Hands-On: Perform Gestures from Afar

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