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Windows 8 Expert Panel at MVP Nation 2012 [Video]

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    Windows 8 Expert Panel at MVP Nation 2012 [Video]

    60 mins Video of Windows 8 Expert Panel at MVP Nation 2012. March 2, 2012. It's a great watch folks ...

    Windows 8 Expert Panel

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    Skip to 40m40s - "It is not ready for users with a keyboard and mouse"

    Just before that - "unless an Enterprise has a compelling story for touch - I don't know why you would do it. That is my main concern for Windows 8"

    That is from the expert panel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Skip to 40m40s - "It is not ready for users with a keyboard and mouse"

    Just before that - "unless an Enterprise has a compelling story for touch - I don't know why you would do it. That is my main concern for Windows 8"

    That is from the expert panel.

    Oh yes, and it was a firm answer. Way before that, the big fat guy in purple said at 14:30 - "this UI has to be touch." Other guys nodded their heads in agreement.
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    Yes, it is a shame. There are some great things in this o/s.

    Optimizing it for tablets has unfortunate consequences for their enormous existing user base.

    To a certain extent - it has to be that way.

    MS are making a brave step here. I understand why.

    However, they haven't fixed a few very obvious things that would make it less awkward for those who want to use the main o/s.

    I can only surmise they are thrusting metro upon us to get people in the MS clouds.

    They would be wise to make a few adjustments - that won't make it perfect for non touch users - but at least there would be less irritation, and less rejection.
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    Until the Consumer Preview, it didn't strike me so much that Windows 8 was very touch oriented. I regarded the Start Screen as a complement to the Desktop, it has large icons of items you need and items you don't need so much. It was easily accessible, Windows 8 adapted to the mouse and keyboard fairly well, though not polished.

    The Consumer Preview made it more touch oriented and segregated a complement to the Desktop as a totally different UI that could work together. It's a little odd to use the Charms bar, especially on Start Screen. One would figure the apps from the Windows Store would adapt to a mouse and make it less larger, but that isn't happening.

    I'm not going to rag on Windows 8 as a touch ONLY operating system when it isn't. A touch only OS would be iOS or android. They don't have a Desktop like Windows 8. Honestly, that's what will make Windows 8 the best touch OS and mouse OS, it's the power of a PC at a touch, or a click.
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    Nice link.

    It was mentioned (hopefully not a rumor) that MS was going to to do some serious work on the keyboard & mouse aspect, which will help in desktop usage issues.
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    I had just eaten dinner when I started to watch and took a couple cat naps along the way. Probably go back tomorrow and watch it again. What I found interesting is the guys on the right who are consultants and one stated that large business's are looking at adding Tablets for their employees and having the Tablet and their PC's with the same interface (Metro) was a big plus. I guess Microsoft knows more about the future market then we do.

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Windows 8 Expert Panel at MVP Nation 2012 [Video]

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