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Don't move your Windows user profiles folder to another dr

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    Don't move your Windows user profiles folder to another dr

    Windows enthusiasts just love to tweak their systems.

    Through the years, the Windows community has built up an impressive body of tips and tricks designed to squeeze extra performance out of a stock installation of Windows. Unfortunately, some of those tweak have unintended consequences.
    This week, as I was corresponding with early adopters of Windows 8.1, I ran into a perfect example of a tweak you shouldn't make. A reader posted this comment in the Talkback section of another post and, for good measure, emailed it to me as well:
    What about this error?
    "Sorry, it looks like this PC can't run Windows 8.1. This might be because the Users or Program Files folder is being redirected to another partition."
    This affects a large number of desktop users with SSD system disks. If you have moved your Users folder to a secondary drive to conserve precious SSD disk space, Windows 8.1 will refuse to install.
    This just seems like continuing evidence that desktop users (and open architecture) are an afterthought at Microsoft. Maybe, I read the wrong articles. Maybe, I believed the hype. Or maybe, it was just wishful thinking, but I thought that we were the users that Microsoft intended to accommodate with this new release.
    I heard the same complaint from several other upgraders on Twitter who had experienced similar issues. And my response to all of them was the same: This is an unsupported configuration, and if you try it, you're just asking for trouble.
    Don't move your Windows user profiles folder to another drive | ZDNet

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    Posted about it here after reading about some having lots of trouble.

    Maybe wise to add some additional warning to the original tutorial content?
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    I read that article. I did not move my user profiles, but in Windows 7 and 8.0 I had used the supported 'Locate' context menu to relocate my Documents folder (and Desktop, etc.) to another drive.

    I had no problems in 7 or 8.0, but in 8.1 there was a serious conversion error of the document file locations in the registry.

    For example, in Windows 8.0 just before the upgrade, I copied this entry from a registry location I had saved earlier:

    "File4"="J:\\My Documents\\Native Instruments\\Reaktor5\\Library\\Ensembles\\My Ensembles\\Mash-ups\\jiTTer v2+Sonitarium+Ryuchi+TT02samp.ens"
    In the registry immediately after the upgrade to Windows 8.1 I see this:

    "File5"="C:\\Users\\Jim\\Documents\\My Documents\\Native Instruments\\Reaktor5\\Library\\Ensembles\\My Ensembles\\Mash-ups\\jiTTer v2+Sonitarium+Ryuchi+TT02samp.ens"
    I had no path 'C:\Users\Jim\Documents\My Documents'.

    I wrote about this in this thread:

    Windows 8.1 seems to change the way 'My Documents' works
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    MS keep creating new reasons for people/businesses to avoid the Windows 8/Windows 8.1 "upgrade".
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    actually, just the opposite
    looks like they finally removed documents and settings symbolic links?

    look up work folders

    oh, i forget, doesn't matter to you haters
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    Just an aside to this I pulled a stupid stunt. When forced to enter microsoft email/password did not think of ramifications. I found my old profile gone and ms one in place. I could not redo the ms one so set up a new user name/password, then deleted the ms one.

    I'd guess most of you know what else got deleted --- all documents pics etc. in the original account. Glad for good back ups ... and I thought I knew something :-)
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    did you check under windows.old?

    Lesson one, backup everything before doing any kind of repair or upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    did you check under windows.old?

    Lesson one, backup everything before doing any kind of repair or upgrade.
    windows.old goes with the user files so no they aren't there, great thought however, thought you might be right.
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    For individual systems, as opposed to a large network of users, a little program and data organization logic goes a long way...

    My 8.1 boot partition (labeled Boot) is 150GBs and I've got 50GBs free...;) (I have two physical drives with a total capacity of two TBs at home--no SSD.) Ideally, the only thing that should go on C:\ should be your Windows installation and all of your OS utilities, gpu drivers, core logic chipset drivers, etc. There is absolutely no need to locate user profiles to any other partition than default (c:\) if you are in the habit of good installation policy, which includes creating as many partitions as you require to logically organize your applications & data. I think that SSD's of ~150GBs are fairly common these days--that's absolutely all the space you need, user profiles included. If you have a larger SSD, well, you can simply have an even larger c:\ Boot drive partition, of course!

    By way of example, you might have a boot partition (c:\) with Windows and associated programs (SSD), a d:\ partition containing word processors and other work-related programs that you might label "Work," then another partition e:\ for your CAD programs and data files, etc. that you might label "CAD", and then another partition f:\ for your games and related files that you might label "Games," and so on. The point is to choose the number and labels for your partitions that reflect a logical separation and organization for your programs that is based on your personal needs and/or requirements. You'd also proportionally size them each as a percentage of your total drive space according to your preferences and expected capacities. From that point on, no matter how much local drive space you choose to add, programs like Acronis TrueImage will allow you to preserve the number and labels of your partitions in perpetuity, even though you might add terabytes more drive space in the future.

    I've been doing it like this for > 20 years or longer (ever since my first hard drive)...;) Here are the significant advantages as I see them, as compared to the normal 1 or at most 2-partition layouts. (Having a gigantic c:\ drive for everything is just an accident waiting to happen...;))

    *Because your programs and data are compartmentalized and organized into separate drive partitions, if one partition experiences a drive error and fails with a read/write error, only that particular partition goes down--the rest of your programs and data are completely unaffected. If you have one or even just two partitions, then the same event will cost you most or possibly all of your currently installed programs and data. (As I said, a monster c:\ drive where everything is dumped is just bad news waiting to happen.)

    *Using separate partitions makes backups an order of magnitude simpler, and possibly much quicker, too, because you back up each partition separately. Organizing your programs and data intelligently into separate partitions allows you far more control in selectively backing up your data, and should you choose to, say, backup only your Boot partition on a regular basis--well, backing up ~100GBs (out of my total 150GB partition size) is far faster than backing up 1-2 TBs to get the same coverage, isn't it?

    I think that relocating the user profiles to another partition simply reflects a poor or non-existent drive partitioning strategy regardless of what Microsoft OS installation programs require...;) Partitioning intelligently is easier than ever to do these days as Windows (8.1 included) provides standard utilities to make the whole process point & click (See "Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management".) Make your drives work for you instead of against you! If you ever begin this policy, you'll never abandon it.
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    Sunnyvale, CA USA
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    But if you have multiple SATA drives see this:

    I am still keeping my documents in c:\docs\ - Am I mad?
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Don't move your Windows user profiles folder to another dr

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