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Windows 8.1 'Blue' preview: It beats Windows 8

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    Windows 8.1 'Blue' preview: It beats Windows 8

    Yesterday at the Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows dev chief Julie Larson-Green introduced the one-and-only "Milestone Preview" of Windows 8.1 (aka Windows "Blue"), touting its remarkable improvements over the much-maligned Windows 8 and Windows RT.
    In the 24 hours since, I've had a chance to kick the Preview's tires a bit and look under the hood, employing the jaundiced eye of a longtime Windows veteran who isn't the least bit impressed with Windows 8's Jekyll-and-Hyde approach. What I see leaves me more convinced than ever that Microsoft is running Windows into the ground.

    Here's the good news: Windows 8.1 isn't worse than Windows 8.
    If you're forced to use Windows 8 or if you're one of the 1 percent (OK, 5 percent) who actually prefer Win8 over Win7, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 are shaping up to be must-have updates.

    While most of the features in Windows 8.1 should have been in Windows 8, my hat's off to the engineering work done on the update. Microsoft has put together an enormous number of improvements, and it's well on the way to shipping them in less than a year. That has to be the fastest "version 2.0" of a major product in Microsoft history. Plus, it establishes a cadence of annual, substantive updates that Microsoft claims it can maintain.
    You can install and run the beta, but it would be wise to understand the limitations first. The final version of Windows 8.1 is widely expected in August or possibly September.
    Windows 8.1 'Blue' preview: Well, it beats Windows 8 | Microsoft Windows - InfoWorld

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    The verdict
    If anybody at Microsoft really believes that Windows 8.1 will turn the tide of public sentiment against Windows 8, they're sorely mistaken. If Microsoft had the willingness or wherewithal to implement something akin to the Windows Red proposal, both consumers and business users would have more cause to be excited about the next version of Windows. As it stands, Windows 8.1 will rightfully be viewed as another missed opportunity.
    That said, if you have Windows 8, by either an error of omission or commission, you should definitely install Windows 8.1 when it's available. Win 8.1 embodies serious benefits on the Metro side, tiny improvements to the Desktop side, and no noticeable downsides to either.
    Windows 8.1 'Blue' preview: Well, it beats Windows 8 | Microsoft Windows - InfoWorld
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    if you have Windows 8, by either an error of omission or commission
    Great line .
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    I find it interesting -- disturbing, really -- that one of the two major Desktop improvements is the ability to disable overbearing Windows 8 features.
    And another.

    Ersatz Start button. In Ballmer's Build keynote, the reemergence of the Start button drew one of the few noncomatose responses from the audience. For the life of me, I don't understand why. Consider this: In Windows 8, if you click or tap in the lower-left corner of the Desktop, you're transported to the Metro Start menu. In Windows 8.1, nothing has changed -- except Win 8.1 has a Start button at the left end of the taskbar (see Figure 6). In Win8 if you right-click on the lower-left corner of the Desktop, you get the power user menu commonly called the WinX menu. In Win8.1, if you right-click in the lower-left corner of the Desktop, you still get the WinX menu.
    For this, people actually applauded.
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    it might do for them that can install it
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    LOL, Andy, it installs fine from the iso. Don't worry, unless you like playing with kiddie building blocks, you aren't missing much.

    For anyone who loves that kind of thing, here you go, for ten bucks, hours of fun:

    Click image for larger version

    192 Wooden Play or Craft Building Blocks for Crafts or Kids Building New Nice | eBay

    Those look a lot better than the stuff in 8.1
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    do you lose your programs and apps
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    No, I installed 8.1 onto a separate partition just to have play with it. It is only a preview - will be removed in the not too distant future.

    My 8.0 partition is exactly as it was.
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    South Coast NSW, Australia
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Here's the good news: Windows 8.1 isn't worse than Windows 8.
    Oh, yes, it is!!

    It has most of W8's faults, but magnified and compounded. Plus it has even more added.

    The push to the despised 'cloud',and the 'dumbing-down' is even more 'in-your-face'.

    And the desktop user is still under the bus.

    No, thanks, MS can keep this piece of rubbish. I'm staying on 8.0

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    8.1 beats Win8? LOL.........

    Microsoft did very little to address the main issues customers were complaining about. For example there's the "Start" button. You boot into Windows and are taken to the stupid tiles. Click on "desktop" and you will see a start button in the normal place. But here's the shocker.... click on the start button and what happens? It takes you back to the tiles that practically no one likes.

    WTF Microsoft??!!??

    Win 8.1 spent a total of 10 minutes of uptime on my PC before I restored a Win 7 image. I really wonder if Microsoft did that on purpose just to tick off the people begging for the return of the start button and start menu. What a way to give your potential customers the middle finger.
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Windows 8.1 'Blue' preview: It beats Windows 8

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