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Xbox One's DRM puportedly explained by "Xbox engineer"

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    Yep, it's official - x one is so bad and so deep in sh1t will all this spying thing and forcing to be online 24/7/12/999, that everyone, who will buy it, will be retard.

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    I am done with consoles now anyway. Last gen left me somewhat disappointed and underwhelmed so I've gone out and bought myself a GTX770 GPU instead
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    you can play your games on any xbox one console. there's no limit to how many times you can install it. the distinction between disc and digital is being blurred. when you install the disc game, it registers to your account and you own the digital version. if you wanted, you could throw away the disc at that point and just keep redownloading it (though since the games are pretty big so you'd still want the disc for faster install). you then go to your friend's house and you can either download the game (no disc involved) or you bring your disc over to install it. then play it.

    How Games Licensing Works on Xbox One

    • Buy the way you wantódisc or digitalóon the same day: Youíll be able to buy disc-based games at traditional retailers or online through Xbox Live, on day of release. Discs will continue to be a great way to install your games quickly.
    • Access your entire games library from any Xbox Oneóno discs required: After signing in and installing,you can play any of your games from any Xbox One because a digital copy of your game is stored on your console and in the cloud. So, for example, while you are logged in at your friendís house, you can play your games.
    • Share access to your games with everyone inside your home: Your friends and family, your guests and acquaintances get unlimited access to all of your games. Anyone can play your games on your console--regardless of whether you are logged in or their relationship to you.
    • Give your family access to your entire games library anytime, anywhere: Xbox One will enable new forms of access for families. Up to ten members of your family can log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One. Just like today, a family member can play your copy of Forza Motorsport at a friendís house. Only now, they will see not just Forza, but all of your shared games. You can always play your games, and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time.
    • Trade-in and resell your disc-based games: Today, some gamers choose to sell their old disc-based games back for cash and credit. We designed Xbox One so game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers. Microsoft does not charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or consumers for enabling transfer of these games.
    • Give your games to friends: Xbox One is designed so game publishers can enable you to give your disc-based games to your friends. There are no fees charged as part of these transfers. There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once.

    there's also the family/friends game sharing feature. you create a list of 10 people total. you can see and play any of the games of each family member. so if each person buys 3 games, that's 30 games to be shared by the family. the primary owner (the purchaser) of a given game will always have access to his game PLUS 1 family member. so that's 1+1 or 2 people can play a game simultaneously. which that 1 family member is playing it, no other family member can be playing it.

    Click image for larger version

    Quote Originally Posted by Lebon14 View Post
    If XB1 is using a similar way of doing things than on steam, then why can't you use your game on another XB1? I mean, you can install Steam on another computer, download your game there and play. You can do that on 50 computers. But on XB1, you can't do that because you have to get through so many DRM it's... urgh. And, you'll maybe have to repurcahse a licence too... maybe.

    About the internet, XB1 will need a connection every 24 hours. For Steam, you connect ONCE to login. If you want to play a game on your laptop that isn't connected to the net, all you need is to have been connected at least once in the past so the credential can be checked offline. With Steam you CAN play offline for more than 24 hours, but not the XB1

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Anyway, I've never been a fan of XBox nor PlayStation.
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    Well, consoles will always be behind pcs in hardware, plus consoles doesnt do its job - some games still lags, i dont care whos fault it is, consoles or developers, its so fkin shame... good thing i never bought any console good simple offline stuff will always be the only real deal.
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    Microsoft has caved based on huge customer pressure.

    the 24 hour required check in is gone to play single player games. And you can lend people the physical disk.

    Here is a thread I started on this.
    Xbox One Drops 24 hour check in and game sharing will work
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    yes, that means the game sharing plan is dead. as well as the ability to play your games without the disc...
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    I heard they are changing the name of the console to the
    Xbox One Eighty
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    Nice gag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    I heard they are changing the name of the console to the
    Xbox One Eighty
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    I heard they are changing the name of the console to the
    Xbox One Eighty
    Good one....
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Xbox One's DRM puportedly explained by "Xbox engineer"

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