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Microsoft hits the jackpot with Apple's iOS 7

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    I've never heard of Bing. Did you perhaps mean ping?

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    Actually DuckDuckGo, AltaVista, Yahoo, Dogpile, are better than Google.

    Google WAS the best 4 years ago, but now that they bump paid sites to the top they are not much better than Bing.
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    Hi there

    B.I.N.G = B/S Insecure Nefarious Garbage. Makes PRISM seem like a Sunday School toy. Every search you ever make is stored on M/s's servers and judging by how often M/S stuff appears in the wild we all know how secure their servers are -- don't we. !!

    Google is still nr 1 - but you need to learn to create decent search queries to avoid a lot of the advertising junk and shopping sites - and often with some sort of obscure type queries start at the MIDDLE page and work to the front e.g if you get pages 1 - 6 start at page 3 for example and depending on the results work back to page 1 or continue to page 6 before trying page 2 and page 1.

    For example if you are interested say in "Very fast or super fast computers" and want to avoid references to shopping outlets selling computers re-phrase your search to "Quantum computing" or "Parallel computing".

    This type of searching will absolutely "Bollix" up Google's access algorithms too plus giving you a better search experience - and more money will go to the SMALLER businesses. !!!

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    Ever since Google started asking me if I wanted to 'add Google to my Start Screen' and I responded No thanks, and it kept asking me and I kept answering No, and I remembered the time I kept ticking the box to turn off autocomplete in the search box, but it would take no notice... I started using Bing search. I agree it isn't quite the same set of results, and I do still use Google for some searches, but still Bing feels less domineering.
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    As far as I know, only and Ixquick keep no records and are beyond US jurisdiction.

    I don't know of any private email clients.

    EG if you send an email to a gmail account - that will be examined by google. It will be used to add to their information about you.

    Once these megacorps have information about you - it can be obtained by others.
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Microsoft hits the jackpot with Apple's iOS 7

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