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Blue might not be as bad as we fear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    That may be because you don't mind having a mobile phone interface thrust at you.

    MS comments above clearly admit it is causing a problem.

    A lot of people can't stand it.

    Perhaps making it look bit less like a mobile phone interface will be a small help, as you suggest. I think they would be better to do far more than that.
    Not sure for your reasoning, albeit to each there own.

    Now, I do not own a mobile phone nor have I, nor will I ever own one. The area that I live in is all mountains (in the range of 8,000 ft to 11,000 ft myself I am at 7600 ft and yes there is still over two-hundred inches of snow). The people (the little over three hundred in the whole county) voted five years ago to ban cell towers in this beautiful, and wild country. Thus, no reason to own the silly things. The land line works just fine.
    Hi there
    I understand your point about Beautiful and Wild country - but here even not too far away from the capital city you can easily and suddenly get into trouble as the weather can change in an instant --even experienced country dwellers -- and if you can't call for assistance you are just plain DEAD.

    Remember also we have a LOT of tourists coming from overseas countries where people are even scared if they go into their OWN back garden and see something as innocuous as an "Urban Fox". !! I remember a recent visit to a colleague in Wimbledon (SW London) who cowered inside the house while I shooed a Fox away from his garden. !!

    So the mobile system here has to be ROBUST and it's almost a given for sightseeing parties to carry mobile communication devices.

    However as far as W8 is concerned -- its quite clear that a mobile phone interface isn't wanted or needed by a large number of people -- and surely for those that DO like a mobile phone interface -- at least implement it properly so the tiles (for classical standard Windows applications) don't all look the same with tiny text and no distinguishing icons to show people what the application actually is. Seems that Ms have hosed up the start GUI on BOTH fronts -- as a desktop - and as a Mobile interface. Does NEITHER job properly.


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    Fridge and toaster is the expression, I believe.

    Maybe MS will soon come out with something that attracts their existing user base.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sygnus21 View Post
    While it is unfortunate that everyone/area doesn't have access to internet/cell service, that doesn't mean technology stops for everyone else.

    Microsoft has no more control over who gets internet access than say Version has over who gets cell service. In the case of both these companies, it would be beneficial if these services were available to all. That doesn't mean they stop producing new products though.

    Anyway that's my logic, but...

    Oh, and you mentioned Photoshop CS6 creating "thousands of new tiles", that's why I pointed that out.

    We're cool though
    Jimbo said CS6 did that with the tiles, but I think he meant the full version that installs everything, including the Audio programs.

    No, it does not mean that the developers shoudl go backward, it just means that forward tech shoudl always refer back to the original tech on which it was based.

    Look at our processors - All based basically on the Intel 8088 and 8086, those original intruction sets are still there. Each time a newer processor came out, it could accommodate the old instruction set.

    The divergence with CPUs started with the Pentium II and the Athon- prior to that, AMD chips and Intel chips shared the same socket and virtually identical instruction sets and slightly different graphics intructions. Suddenly we had these new motherboards with this LOOONG slot that was hard to attach a heatsink to. Look how long THAT lasted, but when the dust cleared we were back to sockets.

    The tech should be available for those who have access to broadband, DSL and satellite. As a matter of fact, I was impressed with Verizon's satellite service- There is a town called Poway down here, where there is virtually NO DSL or Cable in the Factory Areas - And one of my customers really needed high speed internet, for 4 systems. So I set him up a Verizon Wireless Router which could accommodate 4 systems, it was a little Hotspot the size of my palm.

    This is how tech can "beat" the lack of services in rural areas. The only drawback with the Verizon service, was it's price - Which my customer gladly paid, cos it gave him access to his business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I think it's annoying when third party software has SO many .exes and shortcuts. Some of those Autodesk tiles look like duplicates to me. It would be SO much better if they cut out the superfluous links and just simple incorporated those shortcuts into the main program. Put it under a drop down menu or a Settings or Options dialog box or something. It's the same issue that I had with the start menu except more tedious. There would be different folders that a program installed of shortcuts and .exes, and I'd had to go folder diving to move the relevant links to me to the All Programs list. One by freaking one. Then I could delete the folder, but in Windows 8 I would just open the file location and use File Explorer for all that goodness.
    Actually, those are all separate programs, it was the only way I could get 3DSmax, it installed all that other stuff. The Desktop Icons all have different images. What I like abotu this software is the ability for me to save my work in my Autodesk Cloud, then I can pull it up on my iPhone. That is the oone direction taken by developers which has been a positive. Apple, I don't know if they were the first with "iCloud" but they were the first usable system. Microsoft's "Skydrive" is pretty good as well.
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    How can it if Blue is aimed at addressing issues and offering a few "tweaks"?
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    Or another question, why release another whole new OS in the space of less than a year? Why not release a service pack?
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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    Or another question, why release another whole new OS in the space of less than a year? Why not release a service pack?

    I agree, from a spectator standpoint (potential consumer) it looks like MS failed miserably and is giving up on Windows 8. Which is actually silly because there are ONLY TWO SMALL CHANGES that need to be made that would have folks coming back to buy in droves.

    Most important one is:


    The other is to being back the traditional start menu/button.
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    I would capitalise the other way round.

    Bring back the @%$ start menu.

    If they are desperate to shove the ad billboard at you - they can do it every time you start up. Then when you get past that annoyance, with a start menu , you don't have the darn ad billboard constantly getting in the way. ( not until you next restart, anyway ).

    There is no point in booting to desktop - only to have that much loathed ad billboard rearing it's ugly head repeatedly.
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    As long as you have the initial option to boot directly to the desktop (at every start up) you bypass that stupid Metro-sexual monstrosity.
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    That damn thing will keep coming up - unless you have a menu type object which doesn't cover the whole screen.

    Makes sense to have access to control panel, drives, recent items, etc, from that same small ( or resizable ) menu.

    It used to be called a start menu, I think?
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Blue might not be as bad as we fear

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