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The Non-Touch Windows 8 Offers a Worse Experience than Win

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    The Pro is an interesting beast.

    We haven't had any reports (yet ) of business buying vast quantities.

    It is at the moment a niche with very specific buyers. Nothing wrong with that.

    It is the rest - the other 98% ( the figure was for chris) or so that aren't buying at anything like the rate MS would want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisa View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Lomai View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Night Hawk View Post

    Other Thoughts: Windows 7 is better on every conceivable level when it comes to functionality. Windows 8 may work good on a touchscreen, I don't know, but it's HORRID on a normal desktop. Unless you want a glorified Windows phone OS on your monitor, I beg you to get Windows 7 instead."

    Other Thoughts: Despite the OK score, this OS is really an abomination and a step in the wrong direction. They're clearly turning towards the mobile demographic, leaving us desktop users wanting.
    This is what I had wanted to ask Chrisa on the post about change!

    Why were desktop users dragged into Microsoft's mobile/tablet foray? Were they unsure about the acceptance of their product if it was a pure mobile OS/tablet? ...

    I'm late to the party as usual, which happens most of the time, however some of us although a very tiny minority in the grand scheme of things, have no real need for a mobile or tablet based OS.
    Because it isn't a 'mobile or tablet based OS'. Its a 'touch based OS'. You can still use it with keyboard and mouse just fine, but it really shines once you use touch. The touch thats available atm, just happens to be on mobile and tablet via the Surface tablets. The bigger problem is that Touchscreen monitors lag behind non-touchscreen monitors by a generation. Its like, they get the monitor to work without touch first, and then get it to work with touch.. which ends up making touch pointless because you can always get a bigger screen high res monitor for the same or lower price. And if thats the case, nobody buys the touch. You need to catch people when they're upgrading, and you need to be a step up in size and resolution from what they likely had before.

    Its one of the reasons I suggest they actually release one themselves for the runup to windows 9. It needs to be 27-30", 2560x1440 res, with a base that provides good angles and very good design.
    No it isn't just a tablet or mobile gui! But it also isn't just a touch and swipe type gui either. It was developed as a touch and swipe tablet gui they stuck on the desktop editions as well. When you take one look and see giant buttons on a full screen Start screen what does that remind you of? It certainly isn't any desktop gui!

    The Start screen looks more like a touchscreen selector for a vending machine! And that's precisely what MS has dumped on the desktop user having stripped out media elements for selling Metro apps separately. The first thing most do right off is dump the preinstalled buttons for apps and fill in those spots with the buttons for the programs they put on 8 just to clean that up!
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    LOL. Dump the crapware. I did that - uninstalled the apps and dumped them in the recycle bin where they belong.

    The start screen is MS advertising billboard of course.
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    That's precisely what that is geared for over seeing a usable desktop interface showing they have put the real effort into Surface and foobar to the desktop user saying: "here some things you can buy!" slapping the long time supporter in the face is what the reaction is for most long time users!

    "Hope you don't mind us short changing this version of the desktop OS loyal users. We have a new tablet to get out!" would say the big MS with the thinking the loyal Windows users will simply buy into anything MS places in front of them! Unfortunately only those who have come up through the ranks starting way back in dos, Legacy days can readily see where the failings are right off the bat! We worked our way up from the past gui changes while still looking at a desktop NOT TABLET OS to begin with whether we liked or hated any previous version for some reason like XP's constant "Blues" BSOD Specials from MS not patching things up until SP3 after 7 was out in to the public.

    When you first look at the Start screen however you may as well as be looking at any OEMs bloatwares! You know you want to get rid of it ASAP!
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    Hi xpc , glad to see you visiting.
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The Non-Touch Windows 8 Offers a Worse Experience than Win

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