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Critical Java zero-day bug is being “massively exploited"

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    The Australian Tax Office Business Portal for lodging quarterly BAS and annual tax returns online cannot be used without Java to run the AusKey security log on. Right now the portal is undergoing maintenance, so I hope that includes the patch.

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    Is having java installed, period, make you vulnerable? Or can I just disable the browser plugin without completely destroying my Minecraft?

    Or is this one of those things 'just being connected to the internet you will get it if your IP gets sniffed out regardless of what you do'?
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    I haven't read the details of the nature of the exploit so I can't answer your question, but I'll try to get some answers...
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    I believe if you disable Java in the browser, you can't play Minecraft normally. I believe you can play Minecraft with no internet connection, but with many limitations (I have never played ). Have a look here:

    Minecraft Portable! For Computers Without Java

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    Critical Java vulnerability made possible by earlier incomplete patch

    The critical Java vulnerability that is currently under attack was made possible by an incomplete patch Oracle developers issued last year to fix an earlier security bug, a researcher said.

    The revelation, made Friday by Adam Gowdiak of Poland-based Security Explorations, is the latest black eye for Oracle's Java software framework which is installed on more than 1 billion PCs, smartphones, and other devices. Last year saw a steady stream of attacks that exploited Java vulnerabilities, allowing miscreants to surreptitiously install keyloggers and other malicious software when unwitting people browsed compromised websites. The abuse has already continued into 2013, when on Thursday researchers reported yet another critical bug that is being "massively exploited in the wild".
    Update: Asked for comment on Gowdiak's comments, an Oracle spokeswoman e-mailed the following statement: "Oracle is aware of a flaw in Java software integrated with web browsers. The flaw is limited to JDK7. It does not exist in other releases of Java, and does not affect Java applications directly installed and running on servers, desktops, laptops, and other devices. A fix will be available shortly."

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    Sounds like it doesn't affect anything but web browsing. Therefore I will simply leave the java plugin disabled in Firefox and it shouldn't have anything to do with Minecraft gaming (as I use the downloaded client to play, not the browser version).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpo6969 View Post
    Thanx for the info!
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    I never install java.
    I use it locally, when needed by manually linking to the jre (java runtime environment) folder...
    That's what the portable versions do: they have a local jre otherwise they don't work. It's just that you don't need to install java.
    Every java program, for instance Minecraft has it's jre and only that paticular program will use java, no browsers nothing else.
    But if Minecraft needs and has internet connection then again you are exposed to the exploit.

    For example if I use Eclipse IDE for developing in Java, I give a jre folder in the Eclipse folder... and only Eclipse has Java, the PC not.

    If you install Java, the jar's and applets (in browsers) will run just like exe's on your pc and that's the dangerous part.
    By not installing, only what I want to run (gets its own jre) will run, the rest not.

    The local jre method is a bit safer.
    But with any method, even the portable one, you'll never be safe online as long as exploits exist.

    In the end everyone has its own method: by installing, not installing or not using at all.
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Critical Java zero-day bug is being “massively exploited"

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