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Can I use Hyper-V to create a resource-sharing VM...

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    Can I use Hyper-V to create a resource-sharing VM...

    ...with a separate internet connection? Kind of like a VirtualBox VM?

    I live in the US but use a VPN connection service that encrypts my connection and gives me a foreign IP. I use this for security and privacy. However, it is now impossible to access sites like Hulu and Spotify through a VPN. It's also difficult to play some games online because of the increased latency. Is there anyway I can fix this? When I say fix, I mean use my real IP for these services and use my VPN for everything else.

    I'd like to reiterate that I need a way to share resources between the host and the guest. For example, I don't want to allocate RAM devoted to one machine at the expense of the host.

    Thank you for reading and many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Can I use Hyper-V to create a resource-sharing VM...

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