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UAC and Metro apps

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    Have you already done step 3 in OPTION ONE of the tutorial below from above to not elevate your administrator account to then be able to open Store apps?

    User Account Control (UAC) - Elevate Privilege Level - Vista Forums

    What is the full path of the registry key or value that you are trying to modify? Could you also post some screenshots?

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    I mannaged to turn the UAC down(pic 1) and the metro apps are working...
    And now when i start the program i get the same info(pic 2),but when i click OK the program starts...

    Click image for larger version pic 1

    Click image for larger version pic 2
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    What program are you starting that you getting this "not allowed to write to registry" message for?
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    yeah this is driving me insayan
    What were they thinking? You have to move files out of your program files folder to edit them.
    Then if you just want to edit files directly, well guess what? You can't unless you right click and hit open with administrator.
    But what if it is a text file? That's not an option.

    Microsoft is full of idiots.
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    I need to be able to save files in the root directory to be able to connect to my work domain. In Windows 7 all that was needed was to slide the UAC slider all the way to the bottom and reboot. This doesn't work in Windows 8. To be able to save/change files in the root directory I had to fully disable UAC which breaks Metro Apps. Luckily I work off the desktop and haven't run into any problems yet.
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    here is some workaround for a couple of the annoyances but is by no mean a complete solution, as always, only if you are confident (or pissed) enough, choose carefully and use at your own risk
    All Tech Talk Bypass Windows 8 UAC while keeping Metro
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UAC and Metro apps

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