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How to Set a Default Folder View for All Folders in Windows 8

information   Information
This tutorial will show you how to set a default folder view to be applied to all folders in Windows 8.

Note   Note

  • This will only affect your user account, and not all users on the PC.
  • This will not affect the folder view settings in libraries. All included folders in a library share the same folder view, so you can easily manually set a default folder view per library.
    • When you open an added folder in a library, you get the view set in that library.
    • When you open a folder directly (not in library), say from a shortcut or in File Explorer, you get the view set for that folder from the location it was opened from.

  • This will not affect the folder view settings in the small common dialogs (ex: "Save as", "Open", etc...).
  • This will not affect the default size and position of windows as they were last closed.

Here's How:

1. Set a default folder template that you would like all folders to be optimized to use in File Explorer.
NOTE: You can choose between having a General Items, Documents, Pictures, Music, or Video template.

2. Now that all folders have the same folder template, use "Apply to Folders" to apply a folder view setting you like to all folders.

Tip   Tip
If your like, you could use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below reset all folder view settings back to default for all folders and libraries in only your user account.

How to Reset Folder View Settings Back to Default in Windows 8

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