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How to Turn On or Off Bluetooth in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

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Bluetooth lets you do a lot of things on your Windows Phone 8. Although you can't use Bluetooth to connect to the Internet, you can use it to pair your phone with a Bluetooth accessory, such as a car kit or a headset for hands-free phone calls. You can also pair your phone with other phones and devices that have Bluetooth, so you can share files over Bluetooth.

When Bluetooth is turned on, your phone will search for any discoverable Bluetooth accessories or devices. It will also be discoverable to other Bluetooth accessories or devices near you while you're on this screen.

This tutorial will show you how to quickly turn on or off Bluetooth as needed for your Windows Phone 8 or 8.1.

To Turn On or Off Bluetooth from Action Center

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This option is only available in Windows Phone 8.1.

1. Open the Action Center.

2. Tap on the Bluetooth quick action button to toggle turning it on or off. (see screenshots below)

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To Turn On or Off Bluetooth in Bluetooth Settings

1. Open the app list, and tap on Settings. (see screenshot below)

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2. Tap on Bluetooth in system settings. (see screenshot below)

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3. Turn on or off Bluetooth. (see screenshots below)

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4. When finished, you can return to your Start screen if you like.

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