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    Yes, that's the method I used - with the code being emailed to an alternative email address. I obviously screwed up somehow though (how unusual!) as I never saw the "I have a code" option. It's a bit academic now however, I did a system restore to take me back 14 hour and now I am back to where I was when I first contacted you except that I have yet another profile folde in C:/users/ which is really no big deal. I also discovered the reason those 'empty' folders get left behind, They are not really empty at all but contain lots of hidden sub-folders the bottom one being 'documents' which you don't seem able to remove so it superglues everything above it in place!
    I'm still open to suggestions but my head hurts at the moment so I will probably take a rest from it for a day or so. I still feel that we shouldn't have to be going through all this for what appears to be a fatrly common problem. Microsoft should come up with a definitive fix - preferably a routine that you can just download and run - I'm dreaming eh>

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    If the user account has already been deleted, then it'll be safe to delete it's "C:\Users\(user-name)" profile folder. Usually, you'll have to open it first to gain access permission to then be able to delete it though.

    If you like, you might consider to refresh Windows to start fresh with your user profile.
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    Exactly what I thought - I removed the account(s) via the settings charm/change pc settings/accounts with no problems. I then tied to delete c:/users/account via File Manager and got:-

    I AM an administrator and I gave myself permission but it obviously didn't hear me. I then tried deleting it via the command line ("rd account") to be told the directory was not ( empty. Setting the view to display all hidden items I found it had a stack of hidden sub folders. Using the command line I worked my way down to the very last one ("documents") and attempted to delete it (from its parent directory - "rd libraries". I got no error message but "libraries" refused to budge. No big deal really - a bunch of empty folders doesn't use much space - just makes the place look untidy! (Iwas running the command line as administrator y the way so presumably had full permissions.
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    If you like, you might see if the free program Unlocker may be able to delete it.
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    Hey! That's brilliant!! Got rid of most of my unwanted profile folders no problem at all - thanks for the great tip. Good thing you're not here with me right now, 'cos I'd kiss you :>0 Need your advice on a couple of folders in C:\users\ though here's the list:-

    C:\users\default (has lots of stuff in it and I suspect it's used when adding new user?)
    C:\users\Default user (get message "not accessible" when I try to open it guess best left well alone?)
    C:\users\Default.migrated (Has documents folder in it which itself has "My Music, My Pictures, My Videos")
    I haven't a clue what that's about?

    Finally, it occurs to me that I could use the unlocker tool to rename the Ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log1, Ntuser.dat.log2 files in my original profile folder (so I can get them back if necessary) then use unlocker to copy the same files across from my latest profile folder (which I haven't yet deleted and which DID allow me access to the store. Trouble is my pants are turning brown! How does this plan strike you?
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    I would recommend to leave those alone. Messing with them can cause your now working account to not working again.
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    When you say 'now working account' you do realize it still won't access the store? That was why I was going to rename the suspect files before copying the new ones across - so that I could rename them back again if things went pear-shaped. Providing your advice was given in that knowledge then I will follow it and live without the store.
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    Sorry, I had thought you said the Store was working in the new account.

    I would recommend to start completely over with a new Microsoft account to see if the Store works in it.
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    No, I said that the store worked in the new account but that the desktop (where I spend the vast majority of my time) had lots of things wrong with it. The most important to me being a program called 'Pixfiler'. I therefore disconnected the new account and reconnected the original account where everything except the store worked. Because I still have the profile folder for the new account in C:\users\ I have it's Ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log1, Ntuser.dat.log2 files available which, presumably are not corrupted. My idea, therefore was to use the rather brilliant unlocker program you so kindly pointed me at to transfer those files to the original account (because I strongly suspect that's where the corruption is) whilst ensuring the originals remain available (by simply renaming them back) in case my idea is like me - totally screwy! If you can follow my rather convoluted thought processes I'd still be vert interested in your opinion. (Obviously all file renaming, copying etc would have to be done with me signed into one of the other user accounts on the machine).
    PS. remember this is the second new account I have recreated (I had already tried one before coming to this forum) and the store has been fine in both of them but the desktop has, for me, been totally unacceptable and I would rather lose the use of the store. Especially as the apps already installed work perfectly.
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    With all the different issues, I can only recommend to start fresh with a new install of Windows.
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Store - Re-register in Windows 8 and 8.1

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