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Question about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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    Question about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    is it worth buying Malwarebytes Anti-Malware? is the antivirus really good?

    i use windows defender when i scan it quick scan it didn't found any virus

    but when i used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware i scan my computer it found out some virues and it deleted is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware better than windows defender is it worth buying it?

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    Be wary about any anti- malware that claims to find issues. I have noted how using different scanners will often find different problems. After many issues with Norton, I switched on Defender and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Don't assume that because a programme finds a problem there is one. Good luck!
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    Defender never finds anything - at least by me. Mbam, SAS and the BitDefender scanner are what I use. Recently Defender let 5 trojans and another 20 pieces of malware pass but the scanners found them. But I set back to an earlier restore point anyhow - just to be on the safe side.
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    Malwarebytes has a good reputation, I've used it for years (I got a lifetime license just before they stopped issuing them) and I'd say it's responsible for finding 60 to 70 percent of infections I've had. These days, Avast and Malwarebytes, along with the Zone Alarm free firewall (awesome!) I only see maybe 1 or 2 infections a year. Honestly though, it's hard to tell if your security programs have removed all of the malware, so I reccomend making a nice clean system image as a backup, then you can just restore from the image if you get infected (Macrium Reflect has a free version I think is great) It sure beats tearing your hair out and spending days trying to get rid of the malware. So I guess the answer is, I personally think it's worth it.
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    What I like about Malwarebytes ist the fact that unlike other tools you can run it concurrently with your main anti virus software. I for example run it together with GDATA Internet Security and I have never encountered an issue because of that.
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    It is very good Malware cleaning and removal software, not to be confused with antivirus which is something completely different. I have been using MBAM free for years and it helped both me and people whose PCs and laptops I've cleaned in the past. I have noticed some issues in the Pro version. Its Website Protection causes BSOD, so I wouldn't recommend using that (at least in this version), but its primary purpose is cleaning PCs of infections and it's doing its job remarkably well. Highly recommended by me.
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    thanks guy for your informations
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    Windows Defender originally was an antispyware program free to the community. Microsoft had the premium (pay for) Windows Onecare Antivirus which they combined with it to make Microsoft Essentials today. Windows OneCare was West Coast Labs Certified and has won the VB100 Award so it wasn't too shabby. However, in recent times they seem to have diverted resources away and Microsoft Security Essentials has paid the price now as even sarcastically called "crapware". Check it out....


    Review: Microsoft Security Essentials

    Microsoft Security Essentials bombs AV-TEST, loses certification

    Microsoft Security Essentials Fails Tests, Loses Antivirus Certificate

    Microsoft Security Essentials fails AV-TEST again
    Microsoft Security Essentials fails AV-TEST again |

    Microsoft fights back on antivirus certification fail, claims malware tests ...
    Microsoft fights back on antivirus certification fail, claims malware tests aren't realistic | ZDNet

    As mentioned, MalwareBytes is popular and does a good job BUT there are MANY products that are way, way better especially if you decide to buy a full product offering Real Time Protection. A couple are Symantec Norton, ESET NOD32, Emsisoft Antimalware, Trend Micro, more. I recommend you take a free fully working 30 day trial of ESET NOD32 and my choice as best in world - Emsisoft Antimalware. Both of these offer the free fully working no gimmicks program for 30 days. You like it you buy it, if not simply uninstall easily. Compared to these actually, MalwareBytes is simply not in the same ballpark at all. Both of those and mentioned are combo suites meaning they protect against in real time and scan for all catagory threats in antispyware (adware, spyware, data miners, keyloggers, trojans, etc) and antivirus (worm, virus, trojans, etc). BELOW here are some links you can check out about world independent labs that test products and are not paid from the antimalware (means both antivirus and antispyware threats = antimalware) company industry.....

    VB100 Award = Perfect scores ! (Top AntiVirus World Prize)

    West Coast Labs

    Welcome to

    Malware Research Group

    Check out ...... (my pages)
    Threats FAQsThreats Frequently Asked Questions
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladerunner View Post
    Be wary about any anti- malware that claims to find issues. I have noted how using different scanners will often find different problems. After many issues with Norton, I switched on Defender and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Don't assume that because a programme finds a problem there is one. Good luck!
    The reason why different scanners find different problems is because they use different definitions. Sometimes it may be a problem, because they may remove/detect the wrong files, but most of the time it is not a problem.

    I'm using the pro version of MBAM with Bitdefender total security. Works really well, but sometimes it gives a good feeling to use Adwcleaner to be completely sure.
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    Malwarebytes is the best! I used it last night to clean a badly infected (unprotected) laptop, running Win 8.1 and it cleaned it up! Now, the laptop has the "Premium" version installed!
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Question about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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