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A few questions about Spyware

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    A few questions about Spyware

    Hi. I would like to know a few things about spywares and I hope it's relevant to ask in this site:

    -How does spyware follow you? Does it just lets know the one who planted the virus about actions you make in the computer or it lets other people know? Can diffrent kinds of spyware follow your keyboard typing or your webcam or is it another kind of a virus?

    -How can you get a spyware? I know you can get it via diffrent downloads but can you get it via getting into sites? Can you get it if you entering an online (and not by downloading) video in a site or even if you enter a homepage of a site? And can you get it frough notifications such as those who ask you if you sure that you want to get out of the internet site or offers you a deal or a reccomand note about why you should stay in the site your'e currently in?

    -Is it following you if you use the internet through incognito surfing mode?

    -Who and why do they do that? And I don't mean actually to figure out what is going through their heads. I just wanna know, what will happen if my private information won't be private. Who will know it and what will he do with it (and I don't mean of course terrorist or pedophiles\guys who put a webcam spyware)? Is there any way to know generally who usually do this?


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    Something has to be installed on your system for things like that to work. AV's job is to detect and stop that either knowing about it from it's data base or following patterns spyware has to have in order to work. One of them is spyware to track what you are typing (Keyloggers). All those Spyware are made to find something in particular in your system (some, your credentials, bank accounts even identity) and send it to a place of their choosing without you knowing it. Yes they can follow you around depending how long it all goes on and/or how interested they are about you.
    Suspicious sites are often flagged by your Browser, AV/antispyware, Google, or sites with their own active protection. Often some of them will block you if they see something suspicious on your side too and leave you a message about it with as close explanation they can see. You should heed that warning and immediately run scans appropriate for that threat.
    As for last one, reasons can be as various as life itself. Some are doing it just for kicks, others to gain something, most often your credentials at other sites (Facebook, e-mail etc), bank accounts (keylogger can get your PIN thru that), practically anything you could imagine and a lot, you, an honest person would not even think of. Ad to that "Ransomeware" where a malicious software can encode most of your system, leaving you just enough to communicate with him and demand money tor give you a way to undo things it's done.
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    Okay. I hope I won't get into one of those fishy sites. Plus I hope before downloading any contant Windows can warn me effectively about the specific consequences that the programs I download can make (I know it writes about the fact that the program might effect your computer somehow but I hope it will warn even more if it's a suspicious one).
    Thank you very much!
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    Hope is not enough, better get an AV (I prefer Avast), have all the safety updates and back it up with spyware cleaner like Malwarebytes.
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A few questions about Spyware

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