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How to spot and avoid installing potentially unwanted prog

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    Started picking and checking each one that had it mentioned in brief description and found that in at least 90% of the cases there was no further reference to any of data I entered but most of them offered to download some kind of driver updater software to find it. Downloaded (against my better judgment) few of those and of course none of them found anything remotely close to a driver I needed but instead either asked for money (even if they did not find what was needed) for "updating" some other drivers I already had of which some were older than mine.
    Dude. If your "better judgment" includes submitting to that, you need to work on elevating it to good judgment.
    Let's not dwell into semantics here, it's an expression that includes "good judgment" and a bit over. I didn't mean because of malware but because in my experience those "Driver finders" have pretty bad record of finding the best drivers possible. Besides, I was pretty desperate for a driver for a printer that's actually a giant brick that's worth $1000 +. Desperate measures for desperate times., eh ?
    Anyway, that was not my point. Forgot to mention myriad of "Safe downloaders" for their software just to download one file. Also large , green "Download Now Free" boxes that would download something totally unrelated but that I have run into long time now.
    Another point is that somebody like me being very active on internet since 1995, who downloaded terabytes and terabytes of stuff since and seen practically everything on net, had so hard time navigating those minefields, can just imagine somebody just starting.

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    It's not semantics. The idea of running "driver finder" software doesn't even rise to the level of conscious thought. It's rejected at the subconscious level, and the site that showed up in the google search is permabanned with Google Hit Hider.
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    I have been using Unchecky, a reliable application that aims to protect your computer against third-party components often offered during software installations...

    If you are in the habit of testing and installing applications on a regular basis, you probably know by now that one of the most common methods used by developers to try and generate revenue is to integrate various kinds of offers within their installers.

    At this point, it is totally up to you to pay attention and to decline whatever offers you do not want, lest you end up with a new toolbar within your browsers or a changed search engine. Or you can use Unchecky, which can automate declining of offers for you.
    Unchecky Free Download
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    Quote Originally Posted by crawfish View Post
    It's not semantics. The idea of running "driver finder" software doesn't even rise to the level of conscious thought. It's rejected at the subconscious level, and the site that showed up in the google search is permabanned with Google Hit Hider.
    Excuse me but not all of them are bad in finding driver updates, I had pretty good experience with some like "Slim Drivers" and caught just few mistakes with it (for couple of ears anyway). When servicing some computers in a hurry, it's a good tool for finding drivers without spending hours looking for them. Also backs up drivers it replaces so if it's wrong or just want to reverse them it can be done easily. I know it's better to look up drivers on manufacturer's sites but not all of them keep all the drivers for obsolete parts on file but because "once an internet, always on internet" is still true good driver finders can find them easier than chasing them all over the place. I also have a HDD dedicated to keeping all the drivers I ever downloaded for me and everybody else. Not everybody has to deal with new computers only. I had to work with some really ancient (by today's standards) machines, some even before internet but in BBS era. Still have original diskettes for DOS, Win 3.xx, and W95, all stored as Iso. I'm a software "pack-rat", so sue me ha ha. Did I mention Atari 1020 and C20 computers I keep and use now and than, too bad my Timex Sinclair ZX died on me.
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How to spot and avoid installing potentially unwanted prog

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