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Windows 8.1 Core and Enterprise dual boot and Bitlocker

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    Windows 8.1 Core and Enterprise dual boot and Bitlocker

    , I have Windows 8.1 Core and Enterprise dual booted. Now, the real question here is, well I've read online that Windows 8.1 had finally added some of the encryption functionality of Bitlocker in a limited sense setup and turned on by default in all editions of Windows including Core - similar to how it does this with RT. The thing is on that point I've read about this, but no-one on the internet seems to know how to describe this functionality with more detail than just a mention of the existence of this.
    Yes, I know Windows 8.1 is a brand new OS - so new that it won't be available to the normal public for another month and a half. And yes, I know, this RTM is still incomplete and when it will be complete within this next month and half maybe some of these new features (like the default limited Bitlocker as well as the Wifi hotspot functionality (which I figured out how to setup with Powershell, but there's no easy and normal way to go about doing this (how are normal people going to set it up? Normal people are afraid of Powershell/Command Prompt! Microsoft knows this - so I assume they'll address these concerns, and if they don't - there employees and executives must be smoking crack cocaine))).

    But, what I'm getting at is this - is it safe for me to set up Bitlocker on the Enterprise edition/drive and let the Core edition/drive be as it is now? Is there anything I should be concerned about here? Is there something I should know? Is there a specific way I should go about doing this? If my concern on this is warranted - and it's a dangerous thing to try to do - which could have negative and unwanted consequences - than maybe I should just remove Enterprise, well if I should, then suggest that too. I like Bitlocker encryption for my more sensitive data - but I also like this Windows To Go feature as well. I would remove Enterprise if it's probably the best option. I am concerned of this too because I remember reading years ago that in reality having a dual boot setup of 2 editions of the same version of Windows (or just 2 editions of different versions) was/is actually something that isn't a good idea to have setup because it messes with the 2 versions of Windows somehow and drive C:, but I assume that as time has passed and technology has advanced maybe those issues that were authentic issues in the past might've been addressed with the new technology - but am unsure of this.

    So, basically, the real question is - is dual booting these 2 editions of Windows safe in the new world of today with these new technologies - and if it is - is having the full Bitlocker functionality with Enterprise setup and having the Core OS setup as the main OS as well - safe?

    Someone (or some people) - please help me with these questions - because I really don't want to mess up my computer - and I'm sure there are other people out there that wonder about these things too - so you won't just be helping me - but will help others in the future who also wonder these things. I am an advanced user - but I obviously am not so advanced to know these things, and I'm sure there are some out there that do - so please help.

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    You're confusing Bitlocker with SecureBoot. They're too different things.
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    No I'm not. I'm saying if I got Bitlocker setup on the Enterprise drive, will it effect Windows on the Core drive in any negative way? Also, if 8.1 comes with a limited Bitlocker setup on Core edition, then why can't I access anything that tells me about it (in Control Panel, or PC Settings)? Also, a point I was concerned about was that in the past I remember people online used to say that dual-booting Windows versions actually can have negative effects on a system. But, I was wondering if this is still the case today in 2013? If it's not really a concern (to dual boot) then is it a concern to have Bitlocker setup on the Enterprise drive and Core setup as it is? I know what I'm talking about, I know what Secure Boot is, and I actually had an issue with it which Acer told me to pay them $100 for, so I went around it and went into the UEFI command prompt system and fixed Windows on my own, so trust me I know the difference between Secure Boot and Bitlocker. I had Vista years ago and had Bitlocker set up on that, I know what Bitlocker is, and I know what I'm talking about, I just wanted to know if my concerns were something I should be concerned about or not? I might be a kind of advanced user, but I admit I don't know everything, and I just don't want to mess up my system, so I'm asking for someone who has more advanced knowledge in this to please help me.
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Windows 8.1 Core and Enterprise dual boot and Bitlocker

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