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Just dealt with the worst malware I've ever seen!

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    Thank you for the very useful info! I'll download and test that AV in my lab. Thanks again, I really appreciate that!

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    Most people don't realize how important to disable Autorun and this is the worst feature that Microsoft has since Windows 95.
    Please read this: Autorun FAQs: How autorun works and how to disable it and decide if you should disable it.
    For me, after every new Windows Installation, this is the first thing I disable.

    New Viruses, Malwares, Worms are created every day and unless you have an up to date database definition in your PC from those anti virus software, it is not gonna help after the fact that you are the first lucky one to get it then report them. So it depends on which anti virus software has their database definition updated then it will detect the virus while the others don't, for that reason I've come to conclusion that there is no such good anti virus software. In addition, I've been helping people in this forum with BSOD and about 30% of the problems were caused by anti virus software conflict from Norton, Avast, AVG etc...and also once your PC got infected, there is no anti virus software can completely clean it since they come infected in all shapes and forms, camouflaged as legitimate system files and if the anti virus software removed it, your PC will later run into another problem if that file is needed by Windows and sometimes caused BSOD because of the missing System files etc...

    Windows defender came bundled with Windows is sufficient enough to detect some forms of malwares, however, we are as PC users should take some extra precautions:

    1. When surfing the internet, sometimes you'll get popup with offers, don't click on Yes or No, Yes means Yes and sometimes No also means Yes. In this case, open the task manager and kill the browser.
    2. When installing freeware (only download from the author's site), pay close attention of what being offered, don't click too fast.
    3. Separate important data from Windows OS so you can do frequent backup fast and always run sfc /scannow to ensure that all system files are clean, not infected before backup.
    4. If unfamiliar emails show up in your inbox. Just delete them, don't even open.
    5. When open the browser, cross check the Title bar too see if there's any add-ons, toolbars added to it. if so, remove right away.

    Having said that, It does not mean my PC sometimes don't get infected, especially when my friends come over for a visit with their kids and they want to play games with my PC and it is hard to deny them. It only takes me about 7-10 minutes to restore instead of spending hours trying to figure out where the heck does it hide and not counting if the registry is also got infected.

    So that's my 2 cents and you don't have to agree with me for not using any anti virus/anti malwares.
    Having good backup is always good solution for me.
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    have you tried HijackThis?

    here's some details about it. the community is pretty decent and pretty helpful:
    HijackThis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    here's a good summary of how I've seen people use it (from the wiki page):
    A common use is to post the logfile to a forum where more experienced users can help decipher which entries need to be removed. Automated tools also exist that analyze saved logs and attempt to provide recommendations to the user, or to clean entries automatically.[3] Use of such tools, however, is generally discouraged by those who specialize in manually dealing with HijackThis logs: they consider the tools dangerous for inexperienced users, and neither accurate nor reliable enough to substitute for consulting with a trained human analyst.
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    Thanks! I've tried HijackThis in the recent past and have not had it work successfully for me. I also tried ComboFix, which has always worked before and it didn't work, either. To be fair, this malware was probably on this notebook PC for a long time and the longer malware is on the PC, the harder it is to get rid of it...
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    I've used ScanSpyware.Net - How-to section - How to use OTL by OldTimer to create Log and get it analyzed? - OTL usage guide and tutorial. in the past to help friends with their infected PC's, this program is practically a replacement for Hijackthis. Hijackthis is kind of old and has not been updated for quite a while.
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    That's where yesterday's or last week's image comes in handy.
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    Last Update for hijackthis: 2012-07-31

    HiJackThis | Free software downloads at

    HJT improvement Plan, organized by priority:
    - Adding registry entries support
    - Rootkit discovery
    - 64 bits full support
    - Improve clean capabilities
    - Language localization (ES, FR, IT, DE)
    - Randomize HJT exe name when loaded in memory
    - Update source code to VB# or C#

    it'd be sad if hijackthis didn't get updated. it was really helpful the last time I needed something like this.
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    actually if you run a full scan of superantispyware you might find it will get rid of the malware, I also run it in safe mode with no networking and find it can get out lots of mean stuff
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    I image all of my PC's with Acronis TIH 2013, but I'm always fixing PC's for other people and almost nobody backs up their PC at all, so I have limited sympathy for them. When I work on a PC, I start with the caveat that "All of your data may be lost" and then go from there. In this particular case, I was able to backup the data, so nothing was lost...except my tiny mind!
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    Quote Originally Posted by azasadny View Post
    I image all of my PC's with Acronis TIH 2013, but I'm always fixing PC's for other people and almost nobody backs up their PC at all, so I have limited sympathy for them. When I work on a PC, I start with the caveat that "All of your data may be lost" and then go from there. In this particular case, I was able to backup the data, so nothing was lost...except my tiny mind!
    Well, unless the disk is dead, you can always recover the data. I used to use Linux distros like Puppy to do that. But nowadays I make an image with a Macrium WinPE CD.

    You can download the WinPE .iso from my skydrive. Burn it to CD and boot with it. You can make and restore images with it. Once you have the image, you can mount the VHD in any system and copy the data.
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Just dealt with the worst malware I've ever seen!

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