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Suddenly only one earphone produces sound

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    Suddenly only one earphone produces sound

    Hey everyone,

    So this is really very strange. Ever since solving the distortion that the AudioWizard was causing, Realtek HD Audio Manager has worked like a charm. Until yesterday evening.

    Suddenly only my right earhpone produces sound. I haven't installed or removed any programs, changed any settings or done anything in general.

    - checking the balance, which is fine
    - enabling and disabling speakers
    - resetting everything to default settings
    - using different earphones and mine are definitely not broken
    - touching and turning the part of the earphones connected to the jack in my computer

    Sometimes sound randomly switches on and off on the left channel, but that happens without me doing anything. The computer speakers still work fine.

    Anyone any thoughts?

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    If the headset is good, it sounds like a defective jack on the PC. This is not an uncommon problem. On my Laptops, the headphone jack is connected to the main motherboard via a cable. There is a small chance the cable connection is not making proper contact.

    Suggest you get some "contact cleaner" and spray into the jack and then plug in the headphone and then out several times to see if that cleans/fixes the jack.
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Suddenly only one earphone produces sound

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