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Mic mutes when in-line headphones are plugged in

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    Mic mutes when in-line headphones are plugged in

    I was in a skype call and I plugged in my 3.5m iphone headphones for the first time (using an asus notebook). I got audio but my friend could not hear me. I then plugged in regular 3.5mm headphones and it seemed to be fine.

    On my other laptop (HP, Win7) I never had this problem. Is there any way to remedy this? I suspect it's because the iphone headphones have a built-in mic. All I want to do is have the audio running through the headphones and the mic working normally from the laptop.

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    You may need an adapter for the iPhone headphones/mic.

    If your iPhone headphones have the "TRRS" type plug instead of the standard "TRS" type plugs used by PC's that is the problem.

    TRRS Plug

    Click image for larger version

    Standard PC Plug

    Click image for larger version
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    I just doublechecked the earbud/mic that came with my iPhone 5 and it is the "TRRS" plug.
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Mic mutes when in-line headphones are plugged in

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