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Sound constantly crashing on Windows 8.1

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    Have you tried external speakers?
    I remember a similar thread where the issue was a defective speaker in a laptop.

    Try slimdrivers, a free program the searches for the most recent drivers for your hardware, and downloads them and installs them as you choose. It also backs up your current drivers in case theyre not any better.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    Problem not quite solved :(


    Unfortunately, I was quick to celebrate... Occasionally the sound stutters or is not perfect. All I have to do is click on stop to stop the video I'm watching and then resume playing the video from where I was to have normal sound. The problem mostly appears when using Nero Video or TMPG Enc 5 while watching the video in an always-on-top window in Media Player Classic. I don't know if these affect the audio driver (probably by using DirectX audio routines) in any way, I just tell you to let you know. Any ideas? At least, I don't need to stop and restart the services anymore. Yes, a new driver would probably help, but my card is old and I'm using the latest one
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    Some may jump on me for this but have you tried a codec pack? I still use one and never (knock on wood) have audio issues.
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    Windows 8.1

    As by your instruction aida64 told me i have a Realtek A Something Something. So i wrote that down, search for the driver and luckily i found the most recent version of it. So i thought to myself... let's try it out; maybe Realtek fixed this issue in the newest version. Removed old drivers completely and installed newest one. Rebooted and everything went great. Until i started the game ( few hours later, league of legends) and then again... sound gone. Same phenomenon... same weird misscommunication in the drivers ( youtube video still has sound, while i loose it running the game. Also youtube video looses sound when pausing it afterwards. Stuff like this ).

    I mean.. seriously wtf?! Should i better install it back to Vista where none such problem existed?
    Thanks for the help anyhow. But it doesn't work (yet).

    - Same problem with slimdrivers (i used before)
    - I'm using speakers yes
    - Problem didn't happen on Vista (including the game)
    - Reinstalling Game didn't solve it either.
    - Klite codec pack broke sound. Ac3 codec pack didn't do much except now i can hear audio on certain divx online-videos. (i had this 1 month ago, so i don't think its codec pack issue since the problem persisted for many month already )
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    The audio problems in the game might be due to audio settings. See the game audio settings, try simple stereo to see if you get sound.

    In my case, I have installed K-Lite codec pack, among others (Divx, FFDShow, FFVFW etc), but I don't think that matters.

    To make sure Windows 7 don't have a problem, I would temporarily use a spare disk, make a fresh Windows 7 installation and see if the problem persists. If it doesn't, I'm afraid you have to backup and reinstall Windows
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    Well... the game has no audio problems. I can play for hours multiple times and restart the game. Just 'randomly' the audio is gone. I need to restart AudioSrv and thats it, it works again. I actually don't want to reinstall windows 8.1. from scratch... because it's pain in the butt just because of audio.
    I hate Realtek because of it. It seems they simply don't fix this issue. I'll contact them. Maybe they have another solution.
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    Games, more often than not, take over settings for audio and other stuff, nothing unusual there.
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    Windows 8.1

    So why exactly is it, that when i close the game (and the bug happened once) after that my audio keeps crashing with flash/html5 videos or music/movies players regardless of the game? There is no real consistancy where i can pinpoint the problem. I pause flash/html5 video -> sound gone. I play new video -> randomly sound gone (not while playing it though). I play game -> randomly sound gone. I start music -> randomly sound gone. Sometimes it works consecutively. 2-3 flash/html5/music -> sound not gone. Stuff like this...
    To be more precise: audio crashes when starting/resuming audio-jobs not while playing audio.

    Btw. realtek not answering :/
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    Windows 8.1

    I am using a Windows 8.1 TOSHIBA and when the computer goes to sleep mode my bluetooth speakers turn off. Is there a setting I can choose so that the speakers do not turn off when the computer goes to sleep mode?
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Sound constantly crashing on Windows 8.1

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