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Text to speech engine not working

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    Win 8 Pro

    Text to speech engine not working


    For some reason, It will not load or play the voices.
    Win 8 Pro on a HP G7 laptop w/8GB ram

    All appears to be there but it won't read aloud and says it can not install the voices. I have checked everything I know to check but nada.

    My sound works on all other things but text to voice. It says it can not play the voices and to try another audio device...

    I am using my laptop speakers.... any help appreciated.

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Is there a setting to turn your laptop Mic on and off? A switch? Or something in the Mobile Power Settings? Open Control Panel and open your Sound Hardware, see if the Mic is present and turned on. Also, under Speech, make sure you have the right Speech Profile loaded.
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    Windows 8.1, 10

    Just to double check... are you using the built-in Windows 8 feature or text-to-speech software within another app, (for example I think something like that was built into MS Office)?

    If you go to the Start Screen, search for "Narrator" within All Apps and click it, what happens?
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    Win 8 Pro

    Hi and thanks for the reply....Let me start over. Windows 8 Pro HP G7 Laptop

    I am trying to use the Text to Speech. In the CP, I see the check box (checked) to use it. I also see the 3 voices listed that came with win8Pro. I select each one, one by one and they all say the same thing;
    can not play the voice, select another audio device is the installed speaker Hp> IDT HD codex

    Those are the only options available in Win 8 on HP laptop. I have no other sound problems.

    For some reason the voices do not load or play, to even test them.

    I am going to use Naturalreader ( A text reader program) as I am an editor and proofer for a magazine.

    Thank you for any help on this.
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    Windows 8.1, 10

    So when you refer to the option from Control Panel, do you mean this screen?

    Click image for larger version

    (I got there by going to the Start Screen and searching for "Change Text-to-Speech settings" within Settings)

    If you click on Advanced do you get the option to change which audio device you're using?:

    Click image for larger version

    By the way, did you try the Narrator?
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    Win 8 Pro

    Hi DavidY

    Yes and yes and yes. The voices will not play at all. It seems that they do not load or are not actually installed even though they are appearing. Or they can not play on my laptop speaker setup..... I only have 1 audio output option and it is the Speaker Hp IDT HD codex
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    Windows 8.1, 10

    Hmm - it may take someone more knowledgable than me I'm afraid.

    Can you post a screenshot showing the error message you get (and what's behind it)?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Are you using Narrator in Windows? That's how the text to speech feature works. I don't know if that is something that needs to be said....

    Also, I'm glad to see that you use text to speech, I had that great idea to use a long while ago to proofread!
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Text to speech engine not working

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