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Windows 10 Free for Windows 8 Users

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    Windows 10 Free for Windows 8 Users

    I was reading an article, and it said that Windows 10 would be free for 8 users. Do all versions of 8 get it, or just 8?

    I refuse to go to the Windows 10 forum to find out, because they were really ugly about things.

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    Microsoft has so far said nothing on the subject. So anything anyone else says at this point is just speculation.

    Based on past events with earlier versions of Windows, they will at least probably offer a substantial discount to those that upgrade to Windows 10. Beyond that, who knows?
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    Windows 8.1

    Exactly, MS has said nothing.

    MS wants people to be on Windows 8.1 rather than Windows 8 that is clear. I guess the equivalent of what used to be a SP.

    I would hope (& pray) it would be cheaper for Windows 8.1 users as there is very little new in the Windows 10 preview.

    Who knows, mere mortals just wait and see.
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    I don't think MS dare. It would be a low blow for the more speculative buyers using Windows 7, who waited, saw the complaints, and decided to wait for the next OS.
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    Windows 8.1

    The only reason I can think that it might be free/cheaper for 8 users is because of the windows store

    Free to upgrade via the store for a short while

    Not fair on 7 users, but its just guessing at the moment
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1

    I highly doubt it. When has MS ever released a new OS for free? All they have ever given away for free are the service packages.
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    Still too soon to worry about it. Even if free/low cost upgrade from W8, I haven't seen anything in W10 that would make me jump to upgrade.
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    That is true for Windows 7 users. The 2 laptops (mine and my sisters') runs Windows 7. But, Windows 7 is a good OS. 8 is, but in some ways its not. At least, its better than Windows Vista. Vista was terrible.
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1

    Beg your pardon but I have to contradict. Windows Vista wasn't as bad as the media made (wrote) it. I had been using it for years until Windows 8 came out (skipped Windows 7 altogether) and I was always satisfied with it. Actually I never saw a reason to upgrade to Windows 7. And with Windows 8 or 8.1 it's more or less the same for me. From day one on I have totally been satisfied by Windows 8. It's fast, it's stable, it's reliable and everything that is actually missing (like the start menu) can easily be added by installing some sort of free or paid software. That's also the reason why I'm not sure if I will upgrade to Windows 10. The TP is great but I am not sure if the new features and improvements are actually worth upgrading.
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    Windows 8.1 consumer 64 bit

    Whatever happens to Windows 10 I hope that MS will see fit to include Bitlocker in the consumer version of the OS. Everyone should have disk encryption available these days; it is no longer an option only for business.
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Windows 10 Free for Windows 8 Users

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