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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Version 10.6 Now Free For All

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    Advanced Uninstaller PRO Version 10.6 Now Free For All

    Some important new improvements in Advanced Uninstaller PRO 10:

    - Uninstall applications completely. After each removal, Advanced Uninstaller PRO scans for program items (both registry and disk items) that were left behind, and cleans them out. This works for most of the programs installed on your PC.

    - Full support for Windows 7, Windows 8 beta, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

    - Full support for both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

    - Improved installation monitor, which helps you monitor an application's setup much better than before and create a complete log containing information about what the application installed on your PC, and then remove the application completely.

    - The duplicate files finder has been improved.

    - Full support for the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. All modern versions of Windows (such as Windows 8 beta, Windows 7, Vista and XP) are fully supported.


    A Guy

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    OK, I'll try it soon.
    Are you sure that it's free?
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    Yes, I installed and used it

    A Guy
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    I have been using it a long time.
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    Is this one of those products that has to be installed BEFORE anything else (in order to do clean removal)?

    Or, can it be installed after other products -- and still do clean removal?
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    It can do a pretty thorough uninstall - even if you installed it after other products.

    It also has a separate tracking function - if you want to use that bit - it needs to be installed first.

    Don't think I have ever bothered with the tracking bit.
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    Hi there
    I've found the W8 uninstall via the Control Panel perfectly fine -- not sure what this product "brings to the table".

    Earlier releases of Windows might have previously needed this sort of stuff but W8 seems to manage Uninstalls pretty well OK.

    I'm not in favour of using 3rd party stuff essentially to perform what are really Kernel functions.

    Keep 3rd party products for actual application software and don't tamper with base Windows Internal functions unless you absolutely have no choice.

    In any case if I'm testing software I'll do it on a VM which I can ditch when I'm done testing. If I have to use a Physical machine I just take a "Before" and "After" image (doesn't take long) and if I need to "clean" the registry I just restore the "Before" Image or delete the VM with the software install and revert back to the previous one.

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Version 10.6 Now Free For All

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