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Will a simple disk cleaning software meet the need?

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    Will a simple disk cleaning software meet the need?

    Downloaded too much SO that my PC becomes hard to move. Will a simple disk cleaning software meet the need?

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    How much free space do you have ?

    Click image for larger version

    I have 92.25 % free space.
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    I have 1.5 Tera bytes of files and programs on my desktop computer and I can move it just as easy as it was the day I bought it
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    Quote Originally Posted by sml156 View Post
    I have 1.5 Tera bytes of files and programs on my desktop computer and I can move it just as easy as it was the day I bought it
    As the difference would be less than a trillionth of a gram I doubt you'd notice

    Ellipsix Informatics: How much does data weigh?

    More seriously you can use WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics to find big files and then simply delete the ones you no longer want. Running the Windows disk clean up will clear out temporary items and other things not required by the OS. That would be a good start.
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    Hi there
    What's wrong with CMD mode

    2) LIST DISK select the disk you wnt to process
    3) SELECT DISK n (n = the disk you want to process).
    4) CLEAN
    5) (optional Convert to GPT -- I always use GPT disks these days - CONVERT GPT)
    6) EXIT

    (at 5 if you still want to stay with MBR just CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY or do it in Windows in CTRL panel disk management as below).

    Now go into ctrl panel==>admin tools=>computer management==>disk management

    Create partition(s) at will.

    the CLEAN command removes everything off the disk ==> you don't need any 3rd party stuff for this.

    NOTE : BACKUP ANY DATA BEFORE DOING THIS - use TREESIZE (free) which is a bit easier to see what's on your disk(s) than the other program WIndir referred to in the previous post. Screenshot enc .

    TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

    Now clean and convert disk.

    GPT disks will work on UEFI or Non UEFI computers

    - however GPT as a BOOT drive will only work on UEFI computers -- you don't have to have protected boot mode set but the BIOS must be UEFI / EFI enabled.

    GPT drives can access > 2 TB partitions and the 4 primary partition restriction you have with MBR disks is GONE !! so you can have as many partitions as you like.

    (External devices can also be converted into GPT drives too).

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    Downloaded too much SO that my PC becomes hard to move.
    WHAT does this mean? Are you trying to say that the performance is too SLOW? Otherwise, don't have any idea of what "hard to move" means.

    Will a simple disk cleaning software meet the need?
    Again, don't know what you mean by this. There is software that will remove apps, restoring the space used, if that is what you want.

    Any file manager app (like Windows Explorer) will allow you to move data files to an external drive -- if that is what you want.

    There is also software that can help you find and remove duplicate files -- but personally, I would advise against using that.
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    my PC becomes hard to move
    Here's a mod to fix that problem.

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Will a simple disk cleaning software meet the need?

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