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  1. Where to add startup entry for earliest possible execution
  2. All Media Player Crashes
  3. Search for HD videos on computer
  4. Solved Windows 10 dual boot anyone?
  5. Disabling secondary logon, still get admin prompts
  6. Windows 8.1 Pro error on customize in personal folder
  7. Solved VBScript to load user preferences
  8. Color line at Taskbar in Windows 8
  9. Solved Update to windows 10
  10. How can I use the Windows Logo Button as custom hotkey?
  11. Solved shutdown/restart is minutes - unless I pull network cable
  12. Getting rid of the app portion of 8.1
  13. Mouse Cursor Disappears after unlock screen Windows 8.1
  14. Video icons don't show up until thumbnails are loaded
  15. Solved Unable to download updates to newly installed programs.
  16. Built-in Keyboard stops working at syskey Screen
  17. Windows 8.1 - Rebooting when system is in idle for a time
  18. Win 8: Restore Folder Permissions to Defaluts_WindowsApps
  19. Accidentally changed guest account as administrator
  20. Solved NT Kernel & System Spiking?
  21. Shortcut keys not updating to new settings
  22. "ComputerName" shows in Devices and Printers (Sharing Off)
  23. my computer screen keeps going black
  24. Main Display Issue with Metro Apps
  25. Why is my Desktop Black?
  26. Accidentally formated partition C and D
  27. New Laptop 99% Disk ~50% Memory at all times
  28. Solved Computer freezing/crashing and I have no idea why
  29. I keep getting an error on start up
  30. Solved 8.1 multipe issues no access to change pc settings 911!!!!
  31. NEW option is not working in Drive Options (Advanced)
  32. Solved How can I restore my settings via my microsoft account?
  33. Solved Media Center Auto Update Disable?
  34. Keys for boot phase
  35. Solved Windows 8 upgrade
  36. How to show keyb. language indicator in SysTray/Taskbar?
  37. Computer insomnia, won't sleep.
  38. Your pictures can't be printed because this error occurred
  39. Solved Resizing window in desktop on administrator account.
  40. Solved sideway screen
  41. Solved Laptop lets me sign in then freezes in Windows 8.1 Pro
  42. Windows 8 Laptop changes to second screen only on it's own
  43. Solved WMP12 cannot setup it loops to welcome screen
  44. Constant error "user profile service"
  45. Solved Need to learn about win recovery
  46. Loading slow when playing Videos and Audios
  47. Corrupt Microsoft Account Sign In
  48. Backup/copy new system settings after 8.1 upgrade
  49. How to Stop Windows Explorer from locking Files
  50. Solved Computer Crash and so slow that I can't login.
  51. Using refresh files in 8.1
  52. Need help installing windows 8 on a new HDD
  53. Bold Font Problem
  54. To-do before factory reset???
  55. App images on desktop
  56. Will 8.1 Users Eventually Be Forced to 9?
  57. Sendto discrepancies
  58. Couple issues with 8. NumLock and Notification Behaviors
  59. Windows 8 Crashes on Startup in Settings Menu
  60. Changed boot settings, now laptop doesn't show login
  61. "DUDownload" folder taking up C: space
  62. Windows 8.1 not allows files to be saved?
  63. WiFi Cutouts and Restart Hangs
  64. Windows 8.1 "Show Desktop" to "Win + M" from "Win + D"
  65. Need help deleting duplicate files
  66. Folders and downloads showing up on other users account???
  67. Screen Turns Black during a Presentation
  68. Registry corrupt- how do I repair Win 8 from boot?
  69. right click word correction list help
  70. Solved Suddenly deleted C:\ProgramData folder no start menu items
  71. Unable to boot Windows 8.1- possible failure during update
  72. Solved Windows 8.1 doesnt display Send to Desktop as Shortcut
  73. Robocopy and attributes problem
  74. Solved "Secure Boot Violation" error after recent Windows Updates
  75. Why is my Internet not working correctly?
  76. 8.1 Freezes/hangs within 60 seconds of logging in.
  77. AutoRepair Startup Loop - SrtTrail.txt
  78. Win 8 Photo app not working correctly
  79. Solved Computer Keeps Booting Into SysPrep
  80. Solved How to track boot-sequence for errors?
  81. cant move/extend gpt partition with win8 installed "left"
  82. Only half start up screen shows.
  83. Screen flickering on Windows 8.
  84. Windows 8 issue
  85. I'm having issues editing posts?
  86. HP Pushing Desktops with Windows 7
  87. Windows explorer crashes during file transfer with android
  88. Are My Fonts Ugly Because I Use 1920x1080 Displays?
  89. one drive icon
  90. Tech Support erased all my backup partitions
  91. Windows Internet Explorer The Network Path was not found
  92. File explorer - how to change sizing and ordering?
  93. Jumbled images and text in the metro UI, new install
  94. Shortcut icon changed
  95. Windows 8 stuck Login screen not finish boot.
  96. Assistance aligning settings needed
  97. Windows 8.1 boot screen with manufacturer logo
  98. Blank screen on restart
  99. ASUS Laptop won't turn on after BSOD and automatic repair!
  100. 'Unreadable/Corrupted' HDD, cant boot to anything.
  101. Solved Cant install or copy for USB
  102. Solved Missing "Launcher.dll"
  103. Just installed Windows 8.1. Does anything work on this OS
  104. Solved Where is My Computer in W8.1
  105. Asus or acer
  106. Windows 8 slow after recovery
  107. Is it possible to install a regkey from a live cd?
  108. Downgrade to Win7, stuck in bootloop. USB Unrecognized.
  109. ***Need Help Please - Bad Image Error 0xc000012f
  110. Manually Re-sizing Icons' Sizes In The QuickLaunch Toolbar
  111. Obsurd Disk Average Response Time
  112. Can't remove read-only property from folders
  113. Is there much difference?
  114. I'm unable to scroll in windows 8.1 apps
  115. Safemode is black screen with blinking mouse. *Windows 8.1
  116. Solved need wireless adapter power options
  117. Solved Partitioning UEFI enabled system for clean install
  118. Second monitor flickering on boot/awakening
  119. Solved How often is normal for the cloud to blink the blue sync
  120. Help please
  121. Issues since upgrading to windows 8.1
  122. Windows 8.1 takes 65 seconds to boot on Lenovo y50-70
  123. How do I make a folder open in it's previous location.
  124. Disabled DELETE key in win 8.1
  125. DOS Command Line
  126. Solved Realtek PCIe GBE Network Controller Cannot start code 10
  127. Solved How to remove wsappx task?
  128. Why is Windows Explorer not updating when I do things?
  129. How do I determine where applications will be saved?
  130. Solved Change appearance of desktop fonts
  131. Solved Why doesn't OneDrive icon show in the notification area?
  132. Display Driver Error Win 8.1 (AMD FX-6300/R7)
  133. Overheating after windows reinstall
  134. Plx Help, Win 8, I use No Apps, w/ Startup n 100 Proceses
  135. Solved blue box out of no where
  136. Will Works 7 work on a Windows 8 machine?
  137. Can't boot Windows, Not able to recover data!
  138. Help w/Windows 8.1 split screen @2560x1440
  139. Am I the only exception or are there others?
  140. Solved hi and help with graphic card windows 8.1
  141. windows resource
  142. Solved Boot Menu is Always Shown During Bootup
  143. Windows explorer crash
  144. Thumbnails deleted randomly
  145. Excel - Cell comments font appears different
  146. Need help with speed
  147. Live Tiles Not updating
  148. Windows got stuck/frozen when I came back-
  149. a change to "open with"
  150. Desktop folder (under This PC) changed to D:\ drive?
  151. Laptop shuts down before loading windows.
  152. Clean install on a new windows 8.1 pc
  153. Uninstall Not listing all my programs
  154. HP Stream 14 Quad Core Laptop (Signature vs Regular)
  155. No signal after factory reset
  156. Getting 0xc0000225 error when entering Recovery mode-Win81
  157. Windows Search / Immersive Control Panel Error Message
  158. Windows explorer Search doesn't work for Google drive fold
  159. Change icon size on taskbar
  160. Problem with windows 8.1 Fast Start up (hybrid boot)
  161. Solved Windows Disc Image Burner not available in my Windows 8.1
  162. Solved Unable to Remove Old Entries from Run Dialog Dropdown
  163. I am having a restart loop problem
  164. Can Windows 8.1/7 be shut down without installing updates?
  165. New Error Message
  166. Pictures on external storage drive are rotated
  167. No desktop after refresh on windows 8.1
  168. When will Windows 9 be OFFICIAL
  169. Updating the photo section
  170. Streaming on one W8 box not the other
  171. Can't right click on any icons without freezing up
  172. Solved Window vanishes when reduced. Why and how to get it back?
  173. Solved Can I set computer to run First TIme Boot again?
  174. ARGH!! (Venting Frustration, No Reply Needed)
  175. Windows 8.1 - issues with drivers (probably)
  176. can not update windows after "refresh your pc"
  177. Windows 8.1 Flashing Cursor, can't restore
  178. Memory Dump Error (netio.sys)
  179. Is keeping with latest drivers really necessary?
  180. I open a picture it says Always ask before open this file
  181. Win 8 fails to boot after booting into Win 7. Dual Boot
  182. Solved Opening multiple options in Windows 8
  183. Solved How to exit safe mode with command prompt
  184. Favicons. How and where are they stored ? How to fix ?
  185. programs not running in correspondence language
  186. Browser cause non page-pool leak
  187. F4 doing whatever it pleases
  188. Unmountable boot volume
  189. No services on startup, no cp/recovery/update
  190. MMLoadDrv.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  191. I do not know how to explain this problem on Window 8
  192. Solved What happens when I do a recover on my new Lenovo G710
  193. Icon symbol issue when checking “use this app for all .*
  194. Phone Call From Microsoft
  195. Solved Microsoft Account messing up localization preferences.
  196. Windows 8.1 Black Screen , it is fixed from MS or not ???
  197. With display off want power switch to instantly power down
  198. Flash screen keyboard & mouse not working
  199. mouse pointer sometimes invisible
  200. Solved mfmp4srcsnk.dll crashing when .MOV file is selected
  201. Region Problems: Language list empty
  202. accidentally deleted my fast boot options
  203. VAIO in disability mode
  204. Solved Pesky MKV (& others) thumbnail icon problem solved
  205. problem with win8 right click
  206. Solved Stop the synchronization of mouse buttons between devices
  207. Brightness goes to minimum even after making all settings
  208. Custom File Type Options in Windows 8
  209. Need help with windows 8.1?
  210. Windows 8.1 Yes or No
  211. Solved Corrupted Windows
  212. My Windows 8.1 computer will not restart after sleeping
  213. Desktop Icons and Start Icons Delay at Startup
  214. NEED W8.o Task Scheduler/Windows Update Default Settings
  215. Win 8.1 Boot failure after RAID 1 status 'verify'
  216. Solved Windows 8 metro options in different language
  217. Solved OK to keep user files on an external USB drive?
  218. Windows 8.1 Flicker on rMBP late 2013
  219. Worlds most popular OS Redesigned -Dual Boots with Win 8 !
  220. Windows start up runs on and on
  221. I deleted all of my partitions
  222. Key issues...
  223. Video File Thumbnails Not Showing In Windows 8.1
  224. Solved 8.1 boot settings screwed, cannot boot anymore
  225. Windows Explorer - from search results to normal navigatio
  226. Solved Windos Explorer SEARCH - strange behaviour
  227. Booting Win 8.1 gives black screen with flashing cursor
  228. Windows 8.1 Permission headache
  229. Cursor sticks to edge of monitor after using a metro app.
  230. Accidentally formatted everything!
  231. OneDrive file storage keeps disabling
  232. Solved Task Bar size
  233. file renaming help?
  234. Win 8.1 Pro pen drive operating system to extract data
  235. Jumplist swipe up behavior problem
  236. Black screen after boot
  237. Windows 8 missing product ID and cannot activate
  238. Forcing a Micro SD card to act as a permanent storage.
  239. Solved How to MAP Win 8 Docs, Music, etc. to second HDD?
  240. I have no sound on FireFox, IE and Chrome, But yes PC soun
  241. Cant get to start menu or desktop windows 8
  242. Problems with Micro SD memory chip.
  243. Preventing windows from starting before a certain time.
  244. Solved All of my text files are showing with "\par" in them
  245. CTRL+Z (Undo) history/log command? How to revert
  246. Hard drive or what? Programs not showing in programs list
  247. need advice on Win 8.1 64 bit
  248. Fast Boot causes Black screen after loading Desktop
  249. Malwarebytes scan & result ... what action to take?
  250. How to make a folder writable