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  1. OneDrive folder on PC?
  2. windows 8.1 error pfn_list_corrupt
  3. How do I run everything as Administrator?
  4. Gateway laptop wont boot windows 8 after gateway logo
  5. Solved Multiscreen issue
  6. Always fails to Clone/copy old hard disk with bad sector
  7. Some weird chrome toolbar on my task bar - how to get rid
  8. Log-In behaviour when in different WiFi network environme
  9. Solved File Explorer shows extension for DLL but not other types
  10. Pin to multiple monitor taskbar
  11. Solved Strange bug with Windows Metro Interface
  12. No login screen when I boot, even in safe mode.
  13. Icons not always moving to "main display" in WIndows 8.1
  14. Solved Keyboard stops working after login
  15. Solved Action Center - Problem Reporting is Turned off
  16. Solved Check Disk has been stuck at 11% for 2 hours - what to do?
  17. Disable 8.1 Charms Mouse Gesture?
  18. How can I learn about BSOD support?
  19. ToshibaSatelliteL850-Y5310 8.1 does't boot autorepair fail
  20. Boot windows 8 in safe mode when you cant boot normally.
  21. Have to reboot Windows 8.1 several times
  22. Windows 8 and windows 8.1 wont boot
  23. Auto Arranging Icons
  24. Windows 8.1 Automatic Repair Loop
  25. Start button stopped working
  26. Solved Cannot lock computer Windows 8.1
  27. Windows 8 Messed up after Usb boot
  28. why does my new computer have a recovery file
  29. System File Problem - Possibly MSI - CBS log Included
  30. Laptop is not sleeping when lid closed
  31. Solved copy & paste
  32. Create Installation Media for Windows 8.1
  33. i have windows 8.1 product key
  34. Explorer.exe problem
  35. File Explorer takes time to load issue...
  36. The directory name is invalid - how to proceed?
  37. Need to delete content in unreachable folder
  38. Solved Thumbnails Won't Show
  39. Another dumb question, sorry.
  40. Should or should I not?
  41. Solved Dell laptop wont boot to windows after regedit mistake W8
  42. When I scroll into the bottom left corner..
  43. Unallocated space on left
  44. Power Options Windows 8.1
  45. How to unlock Hard Drive
  46. How can i check what time PC was turned on?
  47. Can't get into BIOS, machine won't start
  48. Can't boot into safe mode with networking
  49. Drive letter assignment problems.
  50. taskbar icons of open items (IE, Calculator) too small.
  51. my recent documents can't make shortuct to pin to start
  52. Adding anything to freshly installed Windows 8.1
  53. DISM "Error: 0x80240021"
  54. Solved Accidentally deleted partition on external drive
  55. Does anyone use Tivo with their Windows 8 machine?
  56. Solved Blue box top right of screen
  57. How Big Does a SSD Need To Be For Windows 8.1?
  58. Major issues with any visual element
  59. Issue after upgrade to 8.1, unable to open settings etc
  60. How to restrict/deny access to my AppData folder
  61. How to fix unhandled exception error?
  62. System restore not working.. please help
  63. 8.1 upgrade
  64. Black display after idle (random)
  65. Solved nexus 7 tab not showing in file explorer when plugged in!
  66. Third Party Movie Downloads and Xbox Video Movies Tab?
  67. Applications running, but no visible windows?
  68. How to remove side borders?
  69. Solved Windows 8.1 Will not Boot After Last Autoupdate from MS
  70. Internet Radio
  71. Cannot boot Windows after updates
  72. Copy/paste
  73. Samsung 900x Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade failed stuck in loop
  74. Change in behaviour after re-install of 8.1 PRO
  75. Solved Android tablet no longer visible when connected to USB.
  76. Caddy HDD files is now partially visible.
  77. Finding windows 8 product key in the bios on a bsod comp
  78. change names of the folders in navigation pane
  79. black screen and mouse issue cant repair or enter safemode
  80. How to backup/sysprep for new mobo & CPU & maybe OS
  81. How do I get to "Select Preferences" for OneDrive in W8.1
  82. Support creating win 8.1 Recovery usb Flash without win8
  83. Windows 8 stuck at black screen (with mouse cursor) after
  84. Solved The first of many times
  85. Solved Have ini and db files on my desktop-where do they belong?
  86. Taskbar Shows on Start Screen After Windows Updates
  87. Windows 8.1 Fails to Load after udpate
  88. Straight files—is it safe to remove them
  89. Made a mess of 'Documents'
  90. Minimized windows and Quick Launch icons
  91. System error memory dumps filling my disk
  92. Solved Taskbar appears on Metro windows
  93. windows 8.1 don't wake up from sleep
  94. Shut down during auto maintenance?
  95. how do i formt cd to copy files
  96. Computer freezing even when 100%l resources not being used
  97. Solved Added quick launch, but having problems
  98. Restoring Windows 8 to factory state, without deleting sec
  99. Solved Missing "pin to taskbar" icon on the apps page
  100. How to change color/font/size of metro category titles?
  101. Solved Windows 8.1 will not boot at all after updates
  102. In laptops: the machine doesn’t respect the set power opti
  103. What % do you use the desktop vs. modern UI?
  104. "Enter Password" black screen login
  105. Solved file compression for flash drive
  106. Windows 8 can't go past Login Screen
  107. AutoPlay in Windows 8.1 Problem.
  108. Explorer.exe crash and system hanging
  109. photos only show as thumbail placeholders WE & Picasa
  110. Stuck in Automatic repair loop. refresh/restore wont work
  111. Files will not download using Windows 8.1
  112. Unable to access menu on right hand side of screen
  113. Syncing Win8 phone to win8 tablet by USB connection.
  114. Solved Windows 8.1 screen motion issue
  115. Solved Error with windows reset "The media inserted is not valid"
  116. Can't do any Searches with Search feature in Windows 8.1
  117. System Recovery not working on Samsung Laptop
  118. Windows 8.1 Fails to Run Correctly After Application Close
  119. Solved compmgmt.msc corrupted !
  120. Moving folders to another folder
  121. Registering for MS Store
  122. Taskbar, desktop and windows become unclickable
  123. Files and folders opening with single click
  124. Windows 8.1 stuck at the Welcome screen
  125. Explorer crashing randomly on folder/file selection
  126. upgraded to windows 8.1 now cant play movies to xbox
  127. Solved Removing/Adding Folder From Windows Browser Library
  128. Advice on making System Image Backup
  129. Unable to copy to SDXC 64GB Fat32 Windows 8.1
  130. Solved What makes a computer slow/fast?
  131. Day old laptop with Win 8.1 giving blank screen at Startup
  132. Maintain Stuff as Migrate from Windows 7 to 8.1
  133. Desktop freezes 4 few sec but other stuff works?
  134. Solved Dell vostro 3550 booting problem
  135. Cannot pin to Start Menu (Windows 8.1)
  136. Windows 8 is destroying a new computer experience for me
  137. Custom dlsl load for every application
  138. make a Task to Fn+F6 at login
  139. Solved How to get right click print?
  140. DVD +/-RW verify errors -- Don't always throw away failues
  141. Threshold - seems they will HAVE to bring a menu back
  142. delete files permanently
  143. Solved Date format in windows 8 (Sunday, dd/MM/YYYY) on task bar,
  144. location in registry of selected login screen manager
  145. Windows Explorer Hanging [Win 8.1]
  146. “you don’t currently have permision to access this folder"
  147. How do I wipe my HD when this happens
  148. Solved 8.1 BSODs, video and audio stutter, blank screen etc.
  149. Recovery partition showing after upgrading to Windows 8.1
  150. Random Restarts (Startup, gaming, browsing)
  151. deleted Enviroment variable paths, please help.
  152. Solved Can I resell My Windows 8.1 Keys?
  153. Solved taskbar = quicklaunch.
  154. Install ONLY Media Center On 8.1 Laptop With 8.1 Pro ISO?
  155. Error 1068: (Enabling Windows Firewall)
  156. Solved Windows 8 Explorer
  157. Solved Biggest bug ever maybe?
  158. Need Recommendation
  159. Solved Unwanted Win 8 desktop synchronisation
  160. Solved PCSX2 Won't Open (0xc000007b)
  161. windows media player
  162. Basic notebook issue for a novice!
  163. Late Adopter
  164. Blank screen with movable cursor after restarting
  165. [Google Service] How-to Add or Delete App In This List ?
  166. Solved Windows 8.1?
  167. Inquiring windows 8.1
  168. Can I add Network (Ethernet and WIFI) icon to taskbar?
  169. 8.1 multiple monitor caused issue.
  170. Asus laptop refuses to wake from sleep
  171. Unable to initialize disk in Disk Management
  172. Toshiba Laptop Upgraded to W8.1 Update 1
  173. screen resizing
  174. Backspace Button Crashing/Black Screen on laptop
  175. Solved What kind of CDs do should I use for Rescue Disks?
  176. Settings Location Issue after recent SSD Clone
  177. Windows 8 won't boot up, black screen with cursor
  178. Computer not entering sleep state.
  179. Window icon on taskbar not working
  180. Move Window Holding Boder, Not Title Bar?
  181. Icon/Thumbnail Preservation - Windows 8.1
  182. Help With PC Refresh
  183. windows store close .. how?
  184. Solved Unknown third monitor and unknown second mouse
  185. PC games crashing on startup, some apps like Skype also.
  186. Help with boot screen
  187. W8.1 start screen/side charm occasionally stops working
  188. "Failure configuring windows features Reverting changes"
  189. Solved Windows 8 error - pop-up , after rebooting
  190. Windows 8.1 Constantly freezes on a brand new laptop.
  191. Letters are not shown in particular apps -> white boxes
  192. Clean Boot Endless Loop / Lost Password
  193. System hangs on CHKDSK, used System REFRESH. Help?
  194. SSDs Losing MFT?
  195. "Storm" of error 7000 Multimedia Class Scheduler - Freezes
  196. what is this describing in the registry?
  197. How to remove default pinned taskbar icons in Windows 8.1?
  198. Do I keep 8.1 laptop--frustrated so far.
  199. How about a hotspot button for 9 forum?
  200. Recovery says my drive is locked - how to unlock?
  201. mouse opens help and support
  202. PC hangs at post screen when external HDD is attached
  203. Solved Giant screen
  204. Windows 8.1 won't play or recognize .AVI files?
  205. Windows defender service won't start, many options tried
  206. Access Files and Folders Windows 8
  207. File Explorer Sort File names With Sub-Folder names
  208. Media Player question
  209. Event ID: 41 Kernel-Power on GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5
  210. Corrupt Boot Problem
  211. Solved Issue with Windows 8 startup and drivers loading
  212. Windows 8.1 black/blank screen after log in. No cursor
  213. Windows 8 Grey Screen?
  214. First sign-in sequence showing long after first sign-in
  215. Solved Restore
  216. Screen flicker right after logon in 8.1
  217. How to enter BIOS when fast startup is turned on
  218. inhibt windows explorer from closing when SD card removed
  219. Flash Player Crashing, along with a few games
  220. Option to show metro apps in taskbar missing
  221. Remove "Desktop" Category from Apps Screen
  222. ALT + TAB no longer working, how to fix?
  223. Restore partition table?
  224. Syncronising two folders on Windows PDA device
  225. Photo Import not defaulting to Camera Roll
  226. Screen Mirror w/ 8.1 Desktop to TV with Xbox or Roku 3?
  227. cant access start up menu
  228. Windows won't start. Suspect SSD failure. :( Please help.
  229. windows 8 on my acer v530 can not boot after trying to upg
  230. Problem Cutting and pasting Files
  231. Solved How to get rid of focus rectangle in Windows 8.1 64 Bit?
  232. What does the Metro 8.1 "Everywhere" search cover?
  233. Solved location of Registry backup in Windows 8.1 x64
  234. Windows 8 Apps not showing Data folder (image attached)
  235. Laptop Keeps Switching off
  236. Cant access partition on external HDD
  237. Reinstall boot loader
  238. Cannot adjust brightness -- Please help
  239. Two things I have noticed that W8.1 does better than W7
  240. Solved Questions about Screenshot & WSR features
  241. Windows 8.1 : Charms Bar mouse gesture is disabled
  242. Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk
  243. UEFI BIOS Firmware settings
  244. WinPE bootable
  245. Asus X750 Freezing/Hanging Randomly - Kernel issues,etc.
  246. Solved Desktop tile Missing from start sceen
  247. Unable to project to second screen after 8.1 update
  248. Upgrading from 32bit Windows 8.1 to 64bit.
  249. How to remove blue rectangle focus
  250. Sony Vaio keyboard errors