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Max Processor State 99%

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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    Max Processor State 99%

    Hello, new joiner here..

    I have been reading about setting the processor power settings in the control panel to help with Gaming..

    I have read one time that I should set "max processor state" to 99% so as to disable TurboBoost which apparently can heat up the computer playing games too long.. or help with pausing/freezing in games..

    Can anybody shed some light on what decent settings the Max and Min Processor State % should be at??

    So i put Minimum State at 10% and Max at 99% is there a reason why I wouldn't put Min state at 99% and Max state at 99% besides overheating? I am doing this on a Lenovo Laptop.. Plugged in though.
    Click image for larger version

    oh and if anyone knows the latest guide on how to setup settings for A SSD harddrive I would love to know that too.. I've looked at tomshardware guide.. but its from like 2013..

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    Those power settings for Lenovo I'll let somebody with like model to answer but can help with SSD.
    You are right about those recommendations for SSD, most are even older than 2013. Most important part is to have AHCI mode enabled in BIOS, the rest is practically same as for HDD. Nothing special unless it's an old or tiny one.
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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    The picture in the 1st post Is not Lenovo Settings by the way... they are the typical Windows 8 Advanced power settings that all Windows users have to change..

    thanks for the answer though.. but I'm still unsure about setting it at 100% or 99%.. its something to do with the way it boosts if at 100 then it will cause more freezing then stable playing of games or such...

    edit- Oh and Count, I researched more on SSD hard drive setups.. apparently there is another something important which is Alignment.. apparently causes big speed increase if for some reason your drive is not aligned.. other than that i've seen info about Cluster size when you format the drives.. but its not a big deal like alignment..
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    If you install Windows on it, it will be aligned.
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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    What would be a good way to benchmark my computer after changing the "max" and "min" processor state settings in the advanced power settings?? I don't want to test hard drive speed, (like Crystal disk or ATTO etc..)

    so I don't know a good tool to test cpu after changing max and min processor state?
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    You can use Passmark Performance Test 8.0 to test all the components separately and all together. It's not free but have one month of tryout I believe. Should be enough to do tests you want. Or maybe Download UserBenchmark - MajorGeeks
    Home is not exactly benchmarking program but lets you test components and see how much loading can CPU and other components take.
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    No point changing the minimum processor state.
    Changing the maximum to 99% will disable turbo boost, which will result in lowered "maximum power usage" thus less heat.
    This can help in gaming on a laptop as CPU isn't as important in gaming, and less heat from CPU will leave more room for GPU to run at max.

    I keep turbo boost off on my laptop. Heat is not the issue, but turbo boost causes frequent high/low spinning of fan even in light usage which is annoying.
    With turbo boost off, fan runs smoothly at lowest RPMs mostly and cranks up only when i throw something heavy at it.
    And i can't tell performance difference in day to day usage.
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    Turbo Boost should not really cause fan to ramp up when done in bursts. Your uefi/bios might have an aggressive fan profile on the embedded controller firmware that ramps up when CPU goes to Turbo state. If your laptop has a quiet fan setting, that would alleviate the problem and you can freely use turbo without annoying fans while doing regular tasks.
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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    the veterans, I literally cut a wire on my fan to motherboard to make the fan run at full speed 24-7 to cool the laptop.. how dumb is that that i had to do that?? but i did it anyway cause the fan noise doesnt' actually bother me.. maybe it will later when i'm in a small area with nobody making noise and all people here is my fan spinning but right now it doesn't bother me at all.. and funny enough it's almost soothing because it's a constant almost waterfall/wind type sound.. like when you go to sleep with a noise maker machine.. ha..

    anyway, this is all due to the *******s Lenovo for putting hard-coded bios and strict heat control and fan measures on these laptops.. i learned my lesson to never go lenovo again.. for many reasons.. this is just 1 of them.. don't get me started on that.. just browsing the lenovo forums you see nothing but "doesn't work" "need help with performance" "slow this.." "broken etc.."

    i gotta stop now..
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Media Center

    Some manufacturers put amazing specs at really low prices, but then it suffers from inadequate cooling, early BIOS throttling of CPU at low temps, even when the CPU can tolerate close to boiling water temperatures, WiFi whitelisting, premature wear and tear, etc.

    For me, I like silent device so I use a Windows tablet for fanless operation though I still use my Windows 7 laptop for heavy typing.
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Max Processor State 99%

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