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High Disk Active Time - Is My SSD Dying?

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    High Disk Active Time - Is My SSD Dying?

    This just started happening recently and I don't know why. Performance monitor doesn't show anything irregular, neither does process monitor.

    I've run an sfc scan and chkdsk too as well as updating everything and seeing if disabling av software helped but nothing has.
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    Look at the processes running in the task manager, is anything running high
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    SSDs are a bit different than HDDs, they have in their firmware GC (Garbage Collection) which in coordination with TRIM command issued thru AHCI at some time erase blocks/ cells of memory so they do not have to do erasing while doing normal work. At some intervals data is also moved around (Wear leveling) so same memory cells are not used all the time and so prolongs their life. There is also a "spare" area of some size (Over provisioning) where data from suspected "bad cells/blocks) is moved to. Because of all of that it's a good idea to leave as much of empty space as possible and so prolong drives life which is better than HDD's anyway. All of that is happening internally in the disk without needing any user input. It's also a good idea to occasionally leave computer on and idle for some longer period like overnight to do all of that at it's leisure.
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    Windows 8.1 64bit

    Sorry for the late reply, seems like I am restricted to 1 post per day on this forum at the moment.

    So I narrowed it down to Chrome causing the spikes in disk activity, when its shut down everything is back to normal.

    I've tried looking at chrome's task manager, closing tabs and disabling some extensions but it still happens.
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    If Chrome has adjustable cache like FF, maybe you can play with that.
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High Disk Active Time - Is My SSD Dying?

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