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Samsung laptop Windows 8 not starting after System Restore

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    Samsung laptop Windows 8 not starting after System Restore

    I am not entirely sure what happened or how to fix this, so here is what I was doing and what i've done to try and fix it.

    I was on my samsung laptop last night, and I found a folder called "Searches>Indexed locations". I saw it was taking up some space so i went through some of the files seeing that some were Type:Shortcuts. So I deleted them to free up a bit of space thinking "it's only a shortcut, can't harm it". Now some icons are missing from my windows 8 start screen and some programs have become inoperable because of missing files. I tried System restore to bring some of it back, it was going ok, then when it tried to restart, showed the samsung logo, then just blackscreened for 4+ hours. It was on , but blank. Haven't been using the laptop long so I don't really know the specs on it.

    My parents got it for me, they said it came with no DvD/CD for me to use to format the laptop and I cant get it on to boot it up right for me to format it to begin with.

    I atleast do know the graphics card was an AMD Radeon HD 7460
    Can't seem to access Bios either.

    EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention which might have something to do with it, is I was using a custom windows 8 theme, because microsoft, being as stingy as they are, from what i assume does not enable you to have your own theme, so I had something called the "ribbon disabler and UXTheme Cracker" to use a custom windows 8 theme.

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn't entirely sure where to post it.
    Any ideas/help?

    EDIT2:Ok, I honestly am not quite sure what's going on, but after like the 7th time of restarting it,(sometimes i restarted it immediately, sometimes i let it sit a while), it has now asked me about recovery and i'm just telling to to completely clean itself.
    Going to see where it takes me from here.
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    Have you made the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

    information   Information

    We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
    & made the Startup Repair CD. (Windows 8 only)
    Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
    System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 (Windows 8 only)

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    No, I never heard about that. But I will definitely check into it, thanks for the info.
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    If you are lucky enough to get the PC restore happening, and the option is still available, make the Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery. It is most vital and 90% of people that buy a laptop fail to do this.

    I know for a fact all vendors state this in the easy setup guide or laptop manual but they really should make this clearer. I assume its due to the fact, buying a replacement software/os set is profitable.

    If you formatted before you loaded Win8 you have lost that opportunity. Although most laptops come with a "restore to factory default" that can be accessed via boot startup (around the same time you see press for bios or system etc)

    There is generally a key like F1 2 3 4 5 etc that you press on boot to open the option of factory restore settings.

    Please supply the exact laptop model/manufacturer. Maybe we can advise you furthur.
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    It finished formatting around 7:20PM EST, once it got to the last 35% it sped up dramatically. The PC is on now and seems to be running fine, so far......Installing my necessary drivers and what not.
    Here is my laptop model:

    Samsung Laptop

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    I got the laptop fully functioning again, i really dont know what happened or what to make of it. I just know, I deleted some icons in folder Searches>Indexed locations , system flawed, restored system, didnt boot. For whatever reason, after restarting a few times and unable to access bios, it let me do system wipe. Sorry for wasting anybody's time, I just don't really know what to make of it, other than it might be my theme patching that caused it.
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    Well done mate !!!
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    For the Future.

    If you visit Samsung, and do a search on your Laptop Model, you will find downloads for manuals. I can't send you to a specific page because there are many sizes and versions of your model (Apparently) For instance

    Some model pages have specific links to recovery processes in the Faqs section, like in this image

    Click image for larger version

    As I am not sure of your laptop model, I am not sure if a recovery partition was supplied. Apparently if the SSD is 64GB or under, it may not.

    With your laptop (Again, depending on your model) there may or may not be Samsung Recovery Solution 5 software.

    However, what I did read was positive, one model mentioned pressing F5 on bootup, to enter the recovery environment, doing this (if you have a recovery partition) will allow you to restore to factory defaults. Again, I am not sure of the size and exact specs of your particular laptop (See "for instance" link Above)

    I am also unsure about how you restored your PC after the trouble? If you hadn't made the recovery disks, what process did you use? Do you have win8 independently? Did the laptop originally come with windows 8?

    What I am trying to do here is encourage you to visit Samsung, download the manual for your drive. The manuals seem to be around 150 pages. Doing a search in Acrobat reader for words like "recovery" etc will help you.

    Setting a laptop back to factory defaults is a life saver, the only problem with it is that it restores all the proprietary and 3rd party software with it.

    Having your own copy of Win 8 is even better.

    Good job regardless of fixing it yourself. Read up properly before you do anything in regards to Factory default Settings.

    One last thing. Most companies only allow you to create the restore disks once. After that it is disabled. Also, to do this at all, if it is available, your laptop would have to be restored to factory defaults, catch 22. Hence the importance of a recovery partition, if you have one lol

    Feel free to PM me at anytime.

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Samsung laptop Windows 8 not starting after System Restore

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