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100% CPU that disappears when open task manager

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    100% CPU that disappears when open task manager

    I updated to Windows 8.1 last month. It was quite smooth until some issues started 2-4 days ago. I don't remember if I have done something that may cause this, but I'm quite sure that I didn't make any change to the system.

    The problem is, even when I am not opening any applications, my fan suddenly blows very strong and makes loud noise. From the CoreTemp utility I notice that CPU usage is 100% and its temperature is much higher than normal.
    Again, this happens even when I am not opening any applications, and have started the computer hours ago (so it's not starting up).

    The most strange thing is that the problem is solved completely when I open task manager. The first thing I see after doing that is task manager itself is taking up ~60-70% CPU, but that number goes down very quickly, and the total CPU usage drops to normal. The temperature shown in CoreTemp drops also and the fan becomes quiet.

    Another issue with my current computer is that when I open certain applications (for example, Google Chrome), the process of the application appears in task manager, but in the background. And the application does not show up until 10-20 minutes later.
    And when I use Windows Media Player, every song is stucked for ~5 seconds before being played. And there're spikes in the sound.

    Please tell me if I should add any information. I'm new here so...
    Thanks for your help :)
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    Poor antivirus or actual malware are likely culprits. Run the tool in Brink's thread here, post results, and the forum members including myself will have the chance to see about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterChief View Post
    Poor antivirus or actual malware are likely culprits. Run the tool in Brink's thread here, post results, and the forum members including myself will have the chance to see about it.
    Hey, thanks for replying.
    I've downloaded, run the tool and received the "success... go to desktop to check..." message but could not find anything on my desktop.

    I have given the default location %userprofile%\Desktop as the default location. If it's not accessible then the tool will not work. If it's not getting created that means the default locations in the registry is messed up.
    After seeing this on the tool introduction thread, I checked by paste the link %userprofile%\Desktop into file explorer address bar and it took me to desktop folder normally.

    Anyway, by using process explorer I have found that it is the process cvtress.exe which takes up most of the CPU usage.

    Edit: I found the output of the tool not on the desktop but in a folder named desktop. I attached it in the first post already.

    Update: I found the solution for the latter problem (applications start in background and delay in playing songs). It was because a service named Group Policy Client failed to start. After fixing it (googling ), it went back to normal.

    But the 100% CPU still happens.
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    Uninstalling Trillian is an excellent start.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that. Though I'm pretty sure Trillian is not the cause. I've been using it for years without any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverbf View Post
    I've been using it for years without any problems.
    This statement is usually a good indicator of verification.
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100% CPU that disappears when open task manager

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