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Corrupt files found but not fixed in SFC /Scannow

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    I guess I’m dusting off an old topic here. If there’s a more current posting on this topic, please redirect me. I have a few questions, and a suggestion.

    1. This thread started out dealing with corrupt files found by SFC/SCANNOW. I read this thread fairly thoroughly, but never found any advice for looking at the CBS.log file to determine which files were corrupt. I saw this topic discussed in a thread on the Windows7 forum (How do you fix corrupted files found by SFC /SCANNOW? - Windows 7 Help Forums), with a user named “Tom982” supposedly having some mythical powers to decode the lousy output from SFC and identify corrupted files. That thread went nowhere, and never gave any suggestions about how to ID which files were corrupted.

    Maybe it’s not necessary to actually ID these files, since the current thread suggests a brute-force fix with CHKDSK and DISM (in that order). Still, I’m left curious: is there information somewhere about decoding the cryptic CBS.log files and identifying which files SFC found to be “corrupt and not repairable” (or however they put it)?

    1. The issues with gathering log data from CHKDSK seem overly complicated (I’m not crazy about Event Viewer!) Being an old DOS guy, I decided to try “CHKDSK [switches]>check.txt”. I haven’t been able to test this extensively (because most actions in CHKDSK take so long), but quick testing shows that it works. Can anybody confirm/deny this?

    1. The usage of DISM seems deceptively simple:
      1. Is there ever a need to tell it where to find your “good” image? I’m guessing that it looks for a “RESTORE” partition on your hard disk – is that right?
      2. There was some discussion in this thread about specifying /offbootdir and /offwindir for SFC. I figured a similar thing might exist for DISM in some situations
      3. Accordingly, if/when I update to 8.1 (I’m still at 8.0, as provided by the manufacturer, HP), would I not have to point DISM to a different image somewhere? Do I have to worry about creating that image when I upgrade to 8.1 (and then to Windows 10…) <eyeroll>

    1. As noted in this thread, running CHKDSK can take a LOOOOOOOONNNNG time. There are some interesting switches to be found if you type “chkdsk/?” in a Command prompt. Following up on that a bit, I found this great tutorial on YouTube: . The author discusses using the /scan and /spotfix switches to speed up the process enormously! I would also suggest throwing in the /perf switch in the right place in the command line; this will give the CHKDSK process top priority access to system resources. It will slow down everything else; but most people are not going to try to do any work on their PC while CHKDSK is running, anyway!


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    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    then sfc.
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    Results of my testing:
    (1) Run CHKDSK /scan /perf. I would suggest doing this before DISM, because if DISM is trying to work on a disk with bad sectors, it might not be very successful. With these switches, CHKDSK runs very quickly; it checked my 1TB HD in less than five minutes. It found no problems on my disk.

    (2) Run DISM, as suggested.

    (3) Run SFC/SCANNOW again. This time, it executed perfectly, finding no corrupted files.

    I'm still interested in more detailed answers to my questions...
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Corrupt files found but not fixed in SFC /Scannow

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