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ADSL Modem Shows Web Page on Startup?

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    ADSL Modem Shows Web Page on Startup?

    My ADSL modem starts up and operates correctly. However, every time the PC and modem boot from cold, the Chrome browser starts and shows the error nag screen shown below. All is OK when the modem is fully booted.

    How can I stop this nag screen appearing?

    Click image for larger version

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    Why are you unplugging the modem? Every time you do, the Head end will place it into a offline status and you have to call in to tech support to get them to place your modem back into active state.

    That screen is nothing more than a generic 404 screen that is coded into the modem, when it is not connected to a phone line, or the service is down.

    You need to leave your modem powered on 24/7.
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    I didn't realise ADSL (and cable?) modems are meant to left on 24/7. I only use my PC about 2 hrs each day and power on both the PC and modem at the same time. The modem powers up OK with no need for Tech Support.

    Its bad news for the planet if the world's population keeps their modems powered up 24/7!
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    Actually modems & other networking gear go into a "Green" mode when they no longer see packets coming from connected equipment. The amount of power that the modem uses, is just pennies a month.

    Unlike Dial-up modems that you could turn off after using. High Speed modems are required to stay on 24/7, 365 days, so that the ISP knows that a customer has an active connection. If the ISP's equipment is not seen online for anywhere from 1 to 7 days, you get placed into a "Walled Garden" state. Because the ISP's equipment considers that the gear is no longer working.

    IP leases have a certain time period. Even on a LAN, if the Router does not see an IP connected to the system, it will purge that Dynamic IP out of the system, so that it is available for another device. The only time a router does not purge an IP, is if the IP is considered Reserved or Static on the router.
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    My computer center is powered down nightly. However, I have built into desktop and laptop boot bcdedit delay of X-number of seconds. That allows cold at&t dsl modem/router to power up and come to full green even before Windows becomes self-aware [Skynet, you have competition]. I either press F8 if I need Safe Modes or other modes, or, I press Windows 7 -- and Windows does its thing, long after all other devices have come to full green. Have been doing that for years - no problems concerning router/modem that I can remember.
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    You certainly do not have to have your Modem/Router on all the time. Mine is off for anything up to a period of a month. No problems, just switch it on again and it connects up same as before.

    The only reason for leaving it on continuously is for the initial 10 day training period after provision of your ADSL Broadband service, or if there is some major change in your line to the exchange gear.

    I would look through your ADSL Modem/Router Manual/Browser setup pages for settings. Somewhere in there should be a page for automatically reconnecting/messages etc. On mine a different Brand it's the Basic Setup page, Keep Alive, what that does is explained in it's help pages.

    These things may vary from country to country, no idea, but as I'm in UK then that is the case for ADSL.
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ADSL Modem Shows Web Page on Startup?

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