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Ricoh 2550 Scan to Folder on Win 8.1

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    Ricoh 2550 Scan to Folder on Win 8.1

    I have an issue and out of ideas. It is with scanning to a mapped folder on one of my win 8.1 machines.

    I have a Ricoh 2550 and 2500 multifunction machines. I have previously had the firmware updated
    to scan to win 8.1 machines (needed to be done to work with the SMB of Win 8).

    I am set to scan to two different Win 8.1 machines. A Dell M6700 and a Dell Precision T7910.

    I can scan to folder to the M6700 no problem.

    The T7910 is another story. Sometimes it works, Most of the times it does not. I think it worked fine a few months ago, but I am not sure (did not scan a lot to it). Now most the time does not work. If I reboot the 7910, it seems to work for a scan, then every other scan fails. I have tried doing different mapped drives and setting different permissions, etc... At one point I thought it was because I signed in with a pin instead of the password since on the M6700 I do not use a pin. So I signed in with the password and it worked for a hour. Did a bunch of scans it was fine. Then an hour later, I went to try it and it failed. I then logged out of the 7910 and logged back in. A scan worked. But then on another scan right after it failed.

    When it fails, it is because it cannot find the network path.

    Looking at the mapped drive from another computer is not an issue. It is just the Ricoh machines.

    I have tried both the computer name and the IP Address.

    I am just out of ideas.

    I did try FTP with a trial of bulletproof FTP and that works fine, but I'd rather not buy it and then run an ftp server.

    Any ideas?
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    Could the issue be with the IRPStackSize?


    I tried changing this. But it did not solve the problem.
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    I am still at a loss for this. for the IRPStackSize I tried 31 and 45 and does not solve the issue so I deleted the entry so it defualts back. What I noticed is that after reboot of the 7910 I can scan. However, after a while (no set time), it stops working. The printer seems to not be able to connect to the 7910. The printer can browse the network, and it sees the 7910 but cannot connect to any of the mapped drives.

    I think it is some authentication issue but I am out of ideas where to look.

    I see a lot of settings under gpedit, but not sure what to look at.


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    Windows 8.1 Pro you can add Windows FTP server to your 7910 without any additional cost. Also, does the 7910 use a static or dynamic IP address? I would think it would need to be static for the Ricoh to find the 7910 every time. Hope this helps.
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    thanks. I do have it set as static. It is just wierd that it works fine to other machines, but just not this one making be think something is causing it to block the connection. I will look at the windows FTP, but still want to figure out the SMB networking.
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    Still trying to figure out why SMB scanning does not work. On a reboot I can scan for the first 5 to 10 minutes, maybe 15 and then i cannot find the 7910. I do have FTP working fine, but I still want to solve this.

    I just tired to disable energy management on the NIC and need to see if that does anything.

    Just out of ideas.
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    Try putting the ip address of the scanner in the local hosts file. Maybe then it will find it every time.
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Ricoh 2550 Scan to Folder on Win 8.1

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