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how to stop documents from being stored in the cloud?

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    how to stop documents from being stored in the cloud?

    I would prefer that certain files (like Tax and financial documents ) be stored locally. Can this be accomplished if I save the documents within the program I am using with "save as" then specify a location other than the C drive where the OS is located?


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    Only files you store in the Skydrive folders or other online storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive will be stored on the "cloud". Any other location on your PC will only be stored locally.
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    Hello sportflyer,

    Sure is. If you like, you could use the tutorial below to set Documents to not be saved to SkyDrive (OneDrive) by default. This way you could save the files in your Documents folder without them being saved to SkyDrive.
    Any files you want to be saved to SkyDrive, you could save them in one of the SkyDrive folders, and make them "Available Offline".

    Hope this helps,
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    OK . I understand. If I don't store to the cloud , the default folders will be in c:\User\name\etc. So to be sure I would use the tutorial above to default to local drives.

    A second question is:
    How do I change the location of the default folders to my E drive ? for example when I hit save in Word I would like the file to be saved in E:\Documents not c:\users\name\documents .
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    The easiest way to do that would be to do this:

    1) Create a E:\Documents folder if not already.

    2) Include the E:\Documents folder in say the Documents library.
    3) Set the default save folder for the Documents library to be the included E:\Documents folder.

    Now whenever you save anything to the Documents library, it's actually being saved into the E:\Documents folder.
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    Brink , If I add E:/documents to the library , won't that end up with two instances of Documents in the library ? I think I messed this up previously when I tried this in my Windows tablet.
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    If E:\Documents is just a new folder you created on E: and not your moved C:\Users\(user-name)\Documents folder to E, then it will not be an issue to include E:\Documents in the library.

    Basically, if E:\Documents is not already included in the Documents library, you'll be fine.
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    I created the Document folder in E:\ . I did not move it from c:\users\username.

    Btw , I see three sub folders inside the document folder in the library a) Document ( c:\users\username) , public document , Document ( c:\users\username\skydrive) . Is this normal ?

    So If I add E:\document to the library this would show as another instance of Documents as a subfolder then I use the methods shown above to set this e:\as the default ?

    When this is done would I have to go to settings in Word to set its default save location to e:\documents or this would be taken care by Windows .
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    Yes, those folders would be normal in the Documents library.

    Yes, if you add E:\Documents, it will be listed in the Documents library as well.

    These folders are all separate folders that are just included in the library as just another way to access those folders, but in one place (the library).

    If you like, you can set the Documents library to Group by -> (None) to no longer have the included folders grouped like that.
    If you do what's posted above, then you could just have Word save to the Documents library to have it actually automatically saved to E:\Documents since you set E:\Documents to be the default save location for the Documents library.
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    I have set E:\documents as default . However when I did a test page in Ms word , it still wants to save to c:\users\username\documents folder . It does offer to browse to another location. So it looks like I need to set it in Msoffice.

    In Windows explorer, How can I setup it up so the top folders( Documents, music, video etc) show the default locations instead of the locations in C Drive?

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how to stop documents from being stored in the cloud?

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