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Windows Guest machine on 172.X.X.X instead of 192.X.X.X

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    Windows Guest machine on 172.X.X.X instead of 192.X.X.X

    Hi there
    I'm running an identical Windows 7 VM with VMWORKSTATION on Linux - It's address is now 172.X.X.X rather than 192.X.X.X so I can't access it on my LAN.

    Any ideas on how to fix this -- won't Ping either.

    The VM has no problems accessing the Internet

    It will PING the computer if I ping BLUEBOAR (computer name on LAN) but it's then telling me the IP address is 62.169.X.X which isn't (or doesn't seem like my LAN address).

    Any ideas on how to sort this mess out.

    Linux to Linux works just fine --Windows networking is a DOG.


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    It sounds like you are in NAT mode when you should be using bridged mode. Maybe try changing the VM network mode to bridged instead.

    If using NAT mode it may help to type in the DNS servers manually into the IPv4 settings.

    Configure networking for virtual machines

    It looks like VMware has some problems using NAT unless you jump through some ICS hoops.
    fixing VMWare NAT problems on Windows 7 « FlorianLR?s Blog
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there.

    Thanks -- you solved it for me (again with another networking issue I seem to remember!!).

    I've tried to tried to rep you - but Forum seems to be not working on this -- consider yourself "Virtually Repped" !!!- I had to use the Virtual Network editor rather than the VM settings itself - running DEBIAN Wheezy as Host for that VM but got me on the correct track -- Thanks.

    On the LINUX host I went into the VMWARE Virtual network editor - changed to BRIDGED and let DHCP sort the whole kybosh out

    Works perfectly now both ways -- a User now remotely logging on to the Windows Guest doesn't even have to be aware of a Linux Host running the VM.The only issue I have left is with enabling 3-D graphics on the GUEST -- that's hardware though and not a show stopper at this time -- Video / movie / audio streaming etc works just fine from the VM. (Linux has some good servers for this but I need windows for the moment --special hardware -but will change in the future as I become less and less reliant on Windows -- don't like the direction Ms is going with subscription services etc as per Office 365 -- "hedging my bets first !!!!".

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    Virtual network editor makes sense. Yes if you can get by with just DHCP all the better.

    I really just took a stab at this one because I don't mess with VM's much but after reading around it seemed that the NAT or bridged virtual network settings were part of the problem.
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Windows Guest machine on 172.X.X.X instead of 192.X.X.X

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