Hi, recently I reset my Windows 8 Samsung that i've had for 3 years, (that's all i know, not very good with computers) to its original factory settings, I went to install the free windows 10 upgrade and left it to install overnight, and (probably an extremely stupid decision) closed the computer so it could install, when it was opened up the next day, the following appeared


Your PC/Device needs to be repaired

The Boot configuration data is missing some required information

File: \BCD
Error Code: 0xc000000d

You'll need to use Recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your PC administrator or Pc/Device manufacturer.

Press ESC for UEFI firmware settings.

There used to be other options, but the computer shut itself off after 1 minute, and continues to keep doing this, but when it goes to UEFI firmware settings, it stays on until i shut it off, i have a USB port with recovery data on it, but putting it in does nothing, any help/ideas?