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how to recover my windows 8.1 installation

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    windows 8.1

    how to recover my windows 8.1 installation

    hello ,
    I have bought a HP laptop with windows 8.1 (x 64) installed and a recovery partition (16 GB) instead of an installation DVD .
    I added myself a second partition (~100 GB) for my personal files and especially for a Windows Image Backup renewed every month including new updates and files changes etc.
    I created a recovery USB stick (16 GB) and an installation DVD from Microsoft using the " Create installation media for windows 8.1 " and reserved the free upgrade for Windows 10 .
    Now , how I could create a double boot installation ( windows 10 - windows 8.1 ) using all this stuff in case I wouldn't like Windows 10 ? I'm thinking of creating an unallocated space , booting from installation DVD to install windows 8.1 and finally to use the existing System Image Backup in order to recover my previous windows 8.1 installation ? am I right or wrong ?
    Please help . Thanks for your anticipation .

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    Windows 8.1

    Why are you reinstalling Windows 8.1? If Windows 10 installs like every other Windows, clean install it onto a free partition. Setup should recognize Windows 8.1 and setup a dual boot.
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    windows 8.1

    hello Apples555

    Your suggestion is obvious but I'm trying to avoid to reinstall all these programs (office , antivirus . firefox , chrome , Java etc),
    that's why I refer to system image which includes everything .

    thanks anyway
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    I'm thinking of creating an unallocated space , booting from installation DVD to install windows 8.1 and finally to use the existing System Image Backup in order to recover my previous windows 8.1 installation ? am I right or wrong ?
    A system image back up is a bit for bit copy, so it would just over write the re-installed OS.
    A disk image creates an exact copy of the data on your hard disk. This includes the structure of the partitions on the disk and the file system format on the partition. A typical Macrium Reflect image file only includes the parts of the disk that are used by the file system, this is then compressed to reduce the image file size. An image using standard compression will be around 60-70% of the size of the used space of the imaged partition. A full image creates a new Image Set complete with a unique Image ID.
    For more information about images see Reflect_v5 It's by Macrium but pretty much explains in depth.
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    With images you are safe - either Windows images or Macrium images would be my choice. I would not bother to double boot. Just upgrade to Windows 10 and if you don't like it roll in your latest 8.1 image.

    Btw - there is a neat command with which you can make a Windows image:

    wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:X: -include:C: -AllCritical -quiet

    Where 'X' is the drive letter of the drive where you want to store the image.
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how to recover my windows 8.1 installation

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