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Installing Windows 8 Dual-Boot questions and problems {AGAIN)

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    Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Dual-Boot (Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows XP,Windows 7 Home Premium on VM)

    Installing Windows 8 Dual-Boot questions and problems {AGAIN)

    Hello, EightForums!

    First, I don't want to be boring for people. If you have time answer. I don't want and don't like to risk EVER.
    Then I love to bother other people to avoid risks and other bad things (I love my computer <3)

    Second, I installed Windows 8 , last week. And after 1 day I have problem. When I turn on computer , after Post , normaly I have Windows 7 Old Boot Manager and I have to select which OS I want to run.

    But...... In that day I got power failure for less then 5 sec. I lost my date , my time and etc. I changed time in Win 7 then in Win 8 and I restarted computer in BIOS to see time there.

    When I restared computed I got Windows 7 Old Boot Manager then after 5 sec Windows 8 New boot Manager then I selected Win 8 in both. And my computer totally restarted and It runs Windows 7 ! And I go to Disk Manager and I deleted Windows 8!

    Now I want to back it.

    Here you are questions for fun :
    1. Can I install Windows 8 again ?
    2. Can that installation affect my Windows 7 or Windows 8 new or both ?
    3. Can I install that new RP like I did with ISO or I must burn it (I'm lazy to do it ) ?
    4. How much space I need for Windows 8 RP (for normal use with some software , drivers, and Visual Studio) ?

    And ,
    When I want to install Win 8 first time , I shirked D:\ for 100GB and I had 100GB unallocated. I run Win 8 setup and I didnt saw this. I restared computer several times but nothing. I created Simple Volume and It was logical and there was free space. I run Win 8 setup and I saw that partition and I installed it on this partiton. Why I can't install it on unallocated space ? I will attach image from Disk Manager.

    That's all for now.
    Sorry again , and thanks in advance.

    Note for Disk Management : Disk 0 is my physical disk and Disk 1 is my VHD where is my other things (I use VHD for better organization. There is files that I use one in 1 year). And it's current preview of this.
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    Unallocated space is space that is not partitioned or formatted. You need to create a partition in that space before you can install windows to it. I'm dual booting windows 7 and windows 8. Each is installed to 100 GB partitions. I also have a 250 GB Data partition that has all my Documents, Pictures, etc on it. It is accessed by both operating systems. I have noticed that if I set windows 7 as the default OS I get the old Windows 7 Boot Manager Screen and if I set windows 8 as the default OS I get the windows 8 Boot Manager Screen. it sounds like you deleted the Windows 8 partition in disk management. The windows 8 boot manager will still be on the System Reserved partition. I would think that you could re-install windows 8 and then fix any extra entries in the boot manager afterwards. Even if you had two Windows 8 entries they will likely still point to the same partition. msconfig has options for removing extra boot entries.
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Installing Windows 8 Dual-Boot questions and problems {AGAIN)

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