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Windows 8.1 product key not detected

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    8.1 core oem 64bit

    Windows 8.1 product key not detected

    Hello Techsupport Gods,
    I decided to build my own computer and got all the compatible parts.

    I put everything together and decided to go down to my local Altex electronics and pick up a OS for it.
    They suggested a 124$ windows 8.1 core OEM 64bit. I purchased it, went home and stuck the cd in. Booted from the CDROM drive and went to install windows on my clean and brand new 128gb SSD. When I put in the product key it keeps saying that it is invalid.
    I called Microsoft and gave them the key and they tell me that it is good. They tell me that Altex gave me the wrong OS and that I need windows 8 core to be able to get windows 8.1 that I purchased.

    I'm super confused and thought 8.1 was free after you purchased 8.1. But I bought 8.1 full oem 64bit, shouldn't windows 8 be with it?

    Anyways, any suggestions on my next course of action?

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    Why would 8 be with the 8.1 dvd?

    They tell me that Altex gave me the wrong OS and that I need windows 8 core to be able to get windows 8.1 that I purchased.
    Maybe that is an upgrade key?

    If so, suggest you take it back and buy regular retail ( not upgrade) 8.1.

    $124 sounds a lot. I could get the full retail for less. Not that I want it, ghastly thing.

    You would be better getting win7.
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    8.1 core oem 64bit

    Yeah I thought 124 was a bit steep.
    On the cd it says windows 8 full. But the little pouch thingy it came in says windows 8.1 core OEM 64bit.
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    Weird, you should get the key which matches the installation media.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahinkley View Post
    I'm super confused and thought 8.1 was free after you purchased 8.1. But I bought 8.1 full oem 64bit, shouldn't windows 8 be with it?
    You are aware that 8.1 is the update to Windows 8, right? That is, the disk you bought should be the 8.1 version. If not, you could just install 8, and download the 8.1 update for free.

    If you're still confused, and Microsoft is telling you you've got a good key, you might inquire from your retailer what exactly they sold you.

    As far as price, that does sound kind of high for an OEM disk, but for retail, the price is about right... Windows 8.1 - Windows - Best Buy

    Oh, and SIW2, really???...

    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    $124 sounds a lot. I could get the full retail for less. Not that I want it, ghastly thing.

    You would be better getting win7.
    Even in helping, you still gotta smash?
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    Check you key with this:

    You should get something like this for OEM System builder keys

    Key Status        : Valid
    PID            : 00258-98510-16309-AAOEM
    Extended PID        : 00000-02589-851-016309-02-7177-9600.0000-2242014
    Activation ID        : b080aea2-e6c5-4b22-838e-fa4a21c931e3
    Product Description    : Win 8.1 RTM Core OEM:NONSLP
    Edition ID        : Core
    Part Number        : [Blue]res-v2589
    Key Type        : OEM:NONSLP
    Check the installed version by running this in a command prompt:

    slmgr /dli

    I'm guessing there is a version conflict between the install media and key supplied.

    PS: To check version on DVD... (drive E: here)

    dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:E:\sources\install.wim /index:1
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    8.1 core oem 64bit

    So let me make sure I'm doing this all correctly.

    Let me restart... So I purchased Win 8.1 X64 English 1pk DSP OEI DVD from Altex electronics for 124.00$ (it came in a white envelope type package).
    I also purchased a 128GB SDD brand new.
    I put all my computer parts together and BAM, a new computer.
    I insert the windows disc that says "windows 8.1 full version", into my cd rom drive and boot from the cd rom drive.
    Install windows 8 pops up and I click continue.
    It says to input the product key, i enter it and it says invalid.

    So I go to another website and find a Windows 8 core product key, I enter it and BAM, windows 8.1 core OS is installed into my new SSD.

    Now, I have this other product key that I purchased, how do I exchange the keys so I can use mine that I purchased.

    I load
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    It's all a bit confusing.. you installed with a Windows 8 key and got Windows 8.1?

    Either way run slui.exe see what error pops up, if any, when entering your purchased key.
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    Open the System Screen (Windows Logo key + pause/break key) and see if it says Windows 8.0 or Windows 8.1 under Windows edition. A Windows 8.1 DVD will not accept a Windows 8.0 key and vise versa. It sounds like the install media you obtained does not match the product code you have. I'd contact the retailer that you bought it from.

    EDIT: Before anybody says anything, I know you can activate Windows 8.1 with an 8.0 key. You can't use an 8.0 key to install 8.1 though.
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Windows 8.1 product key not detected

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