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Failed to upgrade to 8.1 (From windows 8)

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    Error: 0xC1900101, 0x30018-Failed to upgrade to 8.1

    *FYI, I'm upgrading from Windows 8*
    After downloading 3 gig and then it installs automatically. THen it restart automatically and at 68% ("Getting Devices Ready: 68%" it crashed. Restarted it and it restored back to Windows 8..
    An error code is:
    0xC1900101, 0x30018

    Don't want to download 3 gig again, where is the installation file saved?

    What should I do now? Install it again?
    I'm using Asus N53J Laptop.
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    Windows 8.1

    Since you have not provided any configuration specific details, I can only tell you that one person reported an issue with a specific ASUS wifi card and the other had to dissble his/her antivirus to get through an update to Win 8.1 preview. However, since the error is exactly the same as yours, their issues (and fixes) may also apply to an 8.1 full upgrade as well:

    Error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018, Couldn't update to Windows 8.1 Preview - Microsoft Community

    Good luck.
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    Where is the installation file saved? I don't want to download 3 gig again...
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    windows 8

    File is not downloaded again

    I am also having problems with my 8.1 update therefore began again with the link available at the Store. The process just restarted without downloading the big file again.
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    3rd attempt and still failed.
    So far, I've disable antivirus and all start-up programs and still crashed during the installation.
    Also updated my Nvidia driver to the latest version as well....

    I haven't try disabling the wifi from bios yet. It seems complicated....

    *Just read some other people have this problem with Asus and HP Laptops*
    Some claim that they disable the network adapter in Device Manager and it will work. However, some say the network card is not functional after upgraded it to Windows 8.1
    So I guess I should wait for Microsoft or Asus to patch it? Not really sure what should I do now
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    Ok finally updated.
    I simply disabled the network adapter before installation and it works.

    HOwever, another problem...
    My screen resolution is weird, i set it to 1900 x 1080 but in fact, it is only showing 1600 x900..
    Already updated to the latest nvidia i have to reinstall it?
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    Windows 8.1

    What is the native resolution of your monitor? Make/model please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by my2cents View Post
    What is the native resolution of your monitor? Make/model please.
    1920x1080 is the native resolution. (Typo in my previous post)
    I don't have problem before upgrading to 8.1

    Asus N53J Laptop

    Even my games resolution screwd up now. I have to set everything to 1600x900 to view properly...
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    Windows 8.1

    Sounds like a driver issue to me. So, did you attempt to update your driver after the upgrade? Did Windows Update offer an upgrade option in that area. Did you go to your manufacture's site and look for a later version? Does your current display options show the highest option as 1920x1080?

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1

    Not just a problem with laptops - just spent all day trying to update a brand new HP Pavillion 23 F207A AIO (came With Windows 8) and same problem. Have applied all updates to everything I could find - from windows update and from HP Support Assistant (even updated pencil sharpener and the cat), disconnected all peripherals except the mouse and keyboard, disabled Aunty Virus and still get error 0xC1900101-0x30018.

    The installation runs through the whole process (taking 20 mins or so each time) then at the point of finally restarting says 'Sorry Schmuck - thanks for waiting but I'm going back to the previous version' (or something to that effect...)

    I'm really tired of this... spent a large part of the day searching for an answer but not found anything that works.,,

    Someone said wait two weeks and try again (that was four weeks ago)...

    Does anyone know how to make 8.1 happen with this error?

    I'll buy you a beer...

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Failed to upgrade to 8.1 (From windows 8)
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