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Reinstall 8 Bootloader After It Has Replaced By GRUB?

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    Reinstall 8 Bootloader After It Has Replaced By GRUB?

    My situation is that i want a triple-boot system consisting of 8, Server 2012, and Ubuntu 12.10 (x64 for all 3). I already have 8 and Server installed and they both share the bootloader/MBR. Hoewever, i'm planning to install Ubuntu next and it's GRUB bootloader will overwrite the default 8 loader i currently have. Normally i wouldnt have an issue with this setup, since GRUB is capable of booting all 3 OSes. but i plan to use TrueCrypt whole drive enccryption for C:\ on 8 and Server, and TC installs its' own loader. it requires that the default Windows loader be intact and unmodified. So my plan is to relocate GRUB onto another partition and put 8's loader back in place so i can still use TC while being able to boot Windows with its' loader and Linux with GRUB.

    So, how can i accomplish this?


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    i'm planning to install Ubuntu next and it's GRUB bootloader will overwrite the default 8 loader i currently have.
    Nope! Why let grub write to the mbr in the first place then? When you install ubuntu you have the option of installing grub to the / or /boot partition.

    I don't know how you plan on bootstrapping from winboot to grub after that. But here is a pretty good tutorial if you want to keep windows bcd intact. How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Linux using BCDEdit | iceflatline

    I would just caution you about using dd if you don't know how be very careful. It is a good linux way to make a copy of a mbr or (in this case boot sector of a linux partition) and save it so if you over write it you can restore it. It is also a good way to completely brick it.

    Also when or if you update Ubuntu kernels you will likely change the linux boot-sector. Which will mean you will need to make frequent new linux.bin for the win boot loader.

    There is a way to set your ubuntu to write-out a copy of your linux.bin to windows C:\ automatically everytime you shutdown or restart Ubuntu, thus ensuring you can always win boot into your Ubuntu partition and not have to liveCD your way in. It is essentially just adding a dd and cp script to your rc files. Pro tip: google ubuntu shutdown and restart script.

    IMO much easier to just use a virtual machine

    TC installs its' own loader. it requires that the default Windows loader be intact and unmodified
    I don't know about TC's boot loader. So maybe this won't work. But here is another tutorial on a win-bootloader not microsofts called EasyBcd. Ubuntu - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
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Reinstall 8 Bootloader After It Has Replaced By GRUB?

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