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    Preview to Final install

    Hi, I am currently running the Consumer Preview of Microsoft's Windows 8, and would like to 'upgrade' to the current release. I understand, from their website, that it is not possible to do an upgrade from a preview version of windows.
    So naturally I would have to do a 'clean install'. My question would then be what happens if I do that, I have read on one site that the clean install will "wipe out your entire drive" to the effect of every last bit and byte. Another blog of which they talk of a workaround for upgrading preview versions, suggests that a 'clean install' while still overwriting the OS will backup your data in a folder labeled Windows.old. I would rather avoid the workaround as its unofficial. I have one folder on my desktop with all my important data in it, I don't mind removing the apps or settings. So were I to do a 'clean install', would my data be safe, and where should I move it so it won't get deleted. If someone would be so kind to clarify.

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    Hello stvnwl, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    To be able to purchase an upgrade copy of Windows 8, you will legally need to run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant from within a qualifying OS (XP SP3, Vista, or Windows 7). Afterwards, you can do a clean or upgrade install with the downloaded Windows 8 Upgrade ISO file you purchased.

    If you do not have a qualifying OS to run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant in, then you will need to buy a system builder copy of Windows 8 at your local or online retailer instead of an upgrade copy.

    Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant - Download and Run

    Since you currently have a Windows 8 CP, nothing will be kept from it, so be sure to back up anything that you do not want to lose before installing Windows 8 (RTM).

    Hope this helps,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    To be able to purchase an upgrade copy of Windows 8, you will legally need to run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant from within a qualifying OS (XP SP3, Vista, or Windows 7). Afterwards, you can do a clean or upgrade install with the downloaded Windows 8 Upgrade ISO file you purchased.
    It is technically possible to run the upgrade assistant from the Consumer Preview, and then apply that update to the Consumer Preview. If MS did not want you do do this they would hardly make it possible. The upgrade is transferable and does not have to be used on the PC from which it was requested. Legally you need a licence for XP SP3, Vista or W7 for the PC to which the upgrade is applied.

    When I applied the upgrade, a directory called C:\Utils remained on my PC despite my agreeing to the deletion of all data etc.

    To be safe I disconnected all other drives when I applied the update from a DVD.
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    From my understanding and experience you have to run the upgrade assistant from the OS you are upgrading from. The upgrade Assistant checks your current OS for a valid key then after checkout you can download Windows 8.

    This should deactivate the key on your current OS that you just upgraded from.

    I found the following on Microsoft web site.


    You need to have a genuine commercially released version of Windows (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) installed in order to use the Windows 8 Pro upgrade.


    It most also be removed from the old machine.


    You need to backup your data in the Windows 8 Release Preview, install a genuine qualifying license, then you will be able to use the Windows 8 Upgrade.


    Windows 8 Release Preview cannot be used as a qualifying product.
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Preview to Final install

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