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Two Computers One Monitor

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    Two Computers One Monitor

    I have a new fast(er) computer and "old reliable" that still dual boots with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    I have one 23" monitor that has both DVI and VGA. I'd like to use it with both computers.

    The new computer is hooked up via DVI and the old computer only uses VGA. Is it possible for me to leave the DVI cable between the monitor and the new computer while connecting the VGA port of the monitor to the old computer?

    Of course, I know I'd have to be careful and have only one computer at the time on . . . And, I seem to recall that there's some kind of equipment that would take care of this for me.

    Ideas and/or information will be much appreciated.

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    You could buy a monitor switch box , generally now monitors will have a 'preferred signal' option and start up displaying the signal from that first , you can then switch the signal, mine has DVI and VGA , I did run both at the same time when I had an old PC running as a file server next to my desk and used the monitors built in settings menu to switch between the signal ports when I had only one monitor.

    But to be honest it was a pain and didn't always work as it should , I found being able to just turn a manual rotating switch and get each PC on the screen as needed much easier to work with.
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    Thanks much. I've checked out the monitor switch boxes and most are so high priced, I would rather buy a new monitor and set the second system up beside this one.

    KVM switches are affordable, but I haven't found one that offers both DVI and VGA. And since the old box is VGA only, and I'm not willing to give up the DVI on this monitor, I guess that's out for now. Probably I'll just use the old box with the old monitor that was replaced by this one. That way I'll at least have access to programs I need on that box that don't work on this one.
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Two Computers One Monitor

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