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Undefined Problem :( / No Signal Input

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    Undefined Problem :( / No Signal Input

    Hello !

    First of all my System Details :

    • Processor : Intel Dual Core E5200 @2.50 GHz
    • MotherBoard : Mercury PIG31T
    • RAM : 2 GB DDR2/ 667 Mhz
    • GPU : Gigabyte AMD HD 6670 2 GB DDR3
    • OS : Windows 8 Pro 64 bit
    • PCI-E : x16 2.0
    • PSU : ATX 450 Watts

    I use my PC daily and never i got the problem like this, My PC is 4 years old and i upgraded it with HD 6670 Card 6 Months ago.


    Last night everything was going fine with my computer and today in morning i Started my PC as usual, I listening music, checking fb as usual,but after 15-20 min while using my Computer, Monitors says ' No Signal Input '. But i still hear the song !! , so when i tried to low the volume, keyboard keys doesn't work, no mute, no capslock, numlock probably it is halted with GPU. So Keyboard and GPU Halted at this stage. So i unplugged the power cable. I Plug it and start it again and i saw 'No signal input' then i tried to plug the VGA to onboard Graphics and it works but my Graphic Card fan is spinning but i didn't get the Signal from GPU. After some time I Shut my pc, Unlugged Replugged and start it again. Now this time Onboard VGA not working and saying 'NO Signal Input' on Monitor. I remove the cable from onboard vga and plug it to Graphic Card VGA and it works but after15 -20 min it saying "No Signal Input". And one more thing, i write this post using onboard GPU and i didn't fell any problem using onbard VGA.

    So probably the simple word for this is : Sometimes Onboard works and Some times GPU Works. But the onboard is working great but GPU giving No Signal after 15-20 min.

    What i Tried

    • Reinsert RAM
    • Clean GPU/ Reinsert it in PCI-E Slot
    • Clean PSU
    • Reset Bios by Removing Battery from Mobo..

    Any help greatly Appreciated. Thanks Windows 8 forum for discussing this thing here

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    Are you using a DVI or VGA cable?

    The problem could be your monitor or your cable.

    If you have the other type of cable try it.

    If not, does your TV have VGA or DVI input? Connect your PC to your TV and see if that works, if it does then it could be your monitor.

    Do you notice if the monitor is switching from digital to analog by itself? It should display it when it does.

    Before this problem did you recently disconnect your video cable and the problem only start after you reconnected it?

    Check the pins on your cable for bent ones..

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    I use VGA Cable, and onboard display works like charm so there is no problem with Monitor.

    I think it is PSU or GPU fault. Wha's your opinion now . I m still worrying.
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    Sure, heres the quick check for a bad driver..

    Start the computer in SAFEMODE WITH NETWORKING

    Use your computer as normal, you may have to change the resolution, the icons may be too big for you to handle, lol..

    If the monitor stays working, then uninstall your video drivers, reboot in normal mode...

    If all stays working then DOWNLOAD the drivers for your graphics card, do not use the driver cd..

    And let us know the results..

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    not works, same happening.

    Keyboard doesn't work after display gone, and CPU still running.
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Undefined Problem :( / No Signal Input

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