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My experience with Win8 nobody encountered so fare........i guess

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    My experience with Win8 nobody encountered so fare........i guess

    hi guys,

    since yesterday all of a sudden my Win8 Consumer Preview does not work anymore.

    Before the problem I tried to save an Excell docu, but this took for ages, so I got into the task manager and killed the program.

    retried, this time Excell finishes, but changes where not applied.

    So I hit logoff in the Metro (yeah I know), but instead of logoff I get a restart, probably due to the problem.....

    Then Win8 does not restart anymore. I get the message to look in System32\Logfiles\srt\srttrial.txt....but the file does not exist or is in another folder, do not know.

    - there is an automatic repair that start IMMEDIATLY when you restart the computer
    - which does not work, when you need it
    - you get "diagnosing your pc" but you do not know what comes out of this
    - you get an "automatic repair" which is nice, but nothing happens
    - you get the options continue, but this means continue with the problem Win8....
    - you get : use another OS, which I did since I have 2 Win8 on the system, but the second is the Consumer Preview, not the Release Preview and was not used since june (I guess)
    - you get troubleshoot with Refreshing your pc (no good), Reset your pc (you loose your personal touch etc, ok if it works.... but NO) or advanced options, where you can do nothing in least nothing one can use.

    So I am stuck here, all I can do is reinstall Win8 CP, but this means reinstalling Office 2013, making all the needed changes in the Metro, installing Java, Adobe, printer, everything one needs and this I hate to to this over and over again.

    So maybe it is best to wait until the final version comes out.....afterall I will have to do everything over again then.

    Included some pics fo the different steps.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
    other pic's are following, cannot upload more then 2 at a time....
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    WINDOWS 8.1 x64

    another try to put some pics here


    sorry no good
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    Sounds like you may have had a hard drive crash, which may or may not be recoverable. Your system specs say you have ssd's though.. unless you've done a lot of formats and resinstalls, shouldn't be a problem
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    WINDOWS 8.1 x64

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    so still no upload from my Win8 possible. Used the pc from my wife and .... Vista.....

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    WINDOWS 8.1 x64

    well no Mystère:

    yes I only use SSD's unless for static data.

    Never format unless necessary, but my OS is on a SLC SSD, so that cannot be the problem.

    Strange but when I restart via the Revo drive (2e Win8 on it) I can use the C: drive (problem drive) as nothing has happened. Just cannot boot from it.

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    For what it's worth, I've installed every version of W8, the first installation being an enterprise version on a DVD that was included in PC Australia mag. I've had endless problems with boot issues. First tried having both W7 & 8 on same HD - disaster. Then had it on eSATA on spinner, and worked for awhile, but then W7 became corrupt and wouldn't boot and I got the same message, (no disk detected on boot), even wen eSATA was unplugged. Prior to that happening it would want to do a CHKDSK at every boot. When it failed, running the start repair option on the installation disc couldn't fix it. When I reloaded W7 from Acronis image all OK again. CP would detect eSATA, with main HD unplugged, RTM wouldn't. And the list goes on. I've discussed the various issues with online chat tech support from Intel and they couldn't help. I also talked to M$ Aust phone support and they simply said they had noted it but too early to say until final release was out.

    The only one I've been able to run successfully with any continuity has been the enterprise version on eSATA spinner HD. I normally unplug the internal HD while installing W8 to eSATA, but this time I forgot to do this, and just threw the installation disc in the burner expecting nothing, and thinking what the heck! Anyway, it not only deteceted the eSATA, but loaded and ran successfully, with no shared boot menu on start up created! Go figure!

    The way it works is if the eSATA is plugged in, it auto sets W8 in the BIOS to boot first. If eSATA W8 is unplugged, which is simple to do, since it's in a caddy on the tower, it auto boots to W7 on SSD HD. Because I've got Intel Rapid Storage loaded it's safe to hot plug the eSATA,which I've done reularly with no problems ... however I held my breatht the first time I did it as there was a bit of controversy about the safety of it. And that way the only active disk is internal SSD. And I can store stuff from W7 onto eSATA storage partition, or into folders on the desktop of W8.

    The only annoyance is every time I plug or unplug the eSATA it wants to run CHKDSK; either on W7 HD on boot up after I've run W8 and unplugged; or if I hot plug eSATA while W7 is running, CHKDSK on W8 spinner. I simply choose not to run CHKDSK and it seems to be OK. Others have reported similar boot issues. Then again I'm running an extreme mobo & CPU, SSD SATA3 HD and 3 SLI linked high end Gigabyte graphics cards.

    I cannot load XP onto my mobo unless I create a slipstreamed XP installation disc with SATA drivers included that are dedicated to XP ... it warns about this in BIOS.
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My experience with Win8 nobody encountered so fare........i guess

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