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Who really NEEDS desktop anymore -- even omn a PC

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    Who really NEEDS desktop anymore -- even omn a PC

    Hi there
    for a whole host of apps you don't really need the desktop anymore.

    struggling with Win8 for a while it DOES have a logic to it and even with a whole host of apps I never in a million years thought I'd be writing this.

    1) Get rid of all the useless metro stuff you don't want.

    2) Be TOTALLY ruthless with what you pin to the start menu -- and organise by WHAT YOU USE - rather than application --for example I have EXCEL in the same group as Notepad and Cmd prompt -- if I use these apps like this there's no reason to leave say EXCEL in the MS office group - especially if I don't use very often other programs in that group.

    3) Replace IE invasive version (metro) with the Normal IE on the start screen.

    Now good to go. At boot you get your customized start screen -- now say I want EXCEL I just click on it.
    IF I did it the "Classical Way" I'd have to click on Start, then Ms office apps -- then Ms EXCEL (3 actions from boot rather than 1 !!.
    The trick is to arrange the start screen properly for HOW YOU WORK.

    This is NOT an OOBE experience so setting it up will take time and effort and we do need more customisation properties for the start screen -- but all those Start button lovers -- try thinking in the new way and you will be surprised.

    Enc screen shot of my start screen.

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    I see you're taking advantage of Start.

    But I like the invasive IE....
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    Not to point out the obvious here, or just simply place excel icon on you desktop, not seeing how your making an advantage out of somthing that is available in any other desktop model used. I placed applications on my widows 7 desktop I use all the time the rest can stay in the start menu. I don't want to be disagrable here but really its not an advantage you didn't already have.
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    Jimbo - you are just making a folder full of shortcuts.

    You can do that on a desktop, too you know.

    Since the start screen insists on raising it's unwelcome ugly head first - you are quite right - may as well make use of it by dumping anything to do with metro from it and put in shortcuts to your most used programs. Not a bad idea.
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    I think this metro screen styling will have more validity when computer go more twords touch screens but really even Mac didn't combine Ios and Mac os into some sort of all purpose experience.....because there was no need. But those systems still connect together seamlessly my mac buddies this the world of that mess I don't. I have to admit I'm throwing my support behind Windows 8 but not because metro has any current advantages, it going forward with the new technology. Hopefully we can come up with some more constructive methods of informing MS on how to make it better. Simply saying it sucks shows the lack of thought or use in the system.
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    I may well have said it sucks , or similar - they need to hear that.

    I have also offered plenty of reasons why - and suggestions which were intended to be constructive.
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    Sorry SIW 2 was not referring to you I was referring to those who used it once shut off the computer and ranted. You got caught in the cross hairs. I thinks its incomplete and rushed because of the pressure on ms to produce a viable gadget OS.
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    Yes, I know - I was agreeing with you really - it is ok to criticise - that is what all the beta/testing versions are for.

    But it is more useful to offer some constructive ideas as well.

    Not everybody does that - many just say my god this is sh**.

    It is human nature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slacker3343 View Post
    even Mac didn't combine Ios and Mac os into some sort of all purpose experience.....because there was no need.
    Macs OS prior to OSX looked basically the same since its inception (14 years?), exept for color and icons. OSX looks no different than when it came out in 1999, again except for icons and in this case different shades of grey. Why would they do anything different?
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    So many threads, here and on other forums, on only the one subject.
    But, like Jimbo, I have organised the Metro and eliminated the unused items. But, as a I have said in other threads, I cannot see how it can be called a desktop. I see it as a start menu. I am one of the "Clean" desktop users. Comparing it with Windows 7 and earlier:
    If, for example, I am in Word on Windows 7, and I decide to finish with it and open Excel, I click and close, or. I 1. Click the globe. 2. Click All programs.3. Click the folder where Excel resides and 3. Click Excel.
    In Windows 8, same scenario and I am in Word. 1. Click the Windows key (or click bottom left corner). 2. Select Excel.

    As I say, for a "Clean" Desktop user, you can possibly see why I am not having a problem. But, The visual representation of Metro is Hideous. I do hope MS, or a third party hacker, can come up with a way to totally overhaul it. I guess the icons are deliberately designed so big, for those with potato fingers?

    Quote SIW2: Jimbo - you are just making a folder full of shortcuts.

    You can do that on a desktop, too you know."

    I would defend Jimbo's post by saying, after all, he is pointing out the possible advantage and use of the Metro, not the desktop.
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Who really NEEDS desktop anymore -- even omn a PC
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