Good day Brink, and fellow Windows enthusiasts!

I've been a long time advocate of following a certain routine (using Brink's fantastic tutorials) when Windows' folders start to not behave correctly and remember settings:
1. I reset my folder view settings
Folder View Settings - Reset to Default in Windows 8

2. After all folder settings have been wiped, I next will create a folder template for ALL folders (I like to use General Items, as it is the most common for me)
Folder Template - Set Default for All Folders in Windows 8

3. Then a must for me is to install ShellFolderFix (x64?) to make navigating through Windows much more pleasant.
ShellFolderFix - Manage folder window positions/size - Windows 7 Help Forums

4. My last step had always been to edit the Registry and add a BagMRU Size DWORD value (I guess I should use 64-bit now since I'm running Windows 8.1 x64?) since it was always the thing to do, to use a large number of folders Windows would remember settings for.
Windows Explorer Folder View settings

After only recently seeing this older article targeted for Vista, I see on step #24 that Brink used the number 20000. I previously only ever used 10000.

So seeing this number twice the size I used to use made me wonder if I had set it too low. Then I also noticed that through the years of Brink updating his tutorials for newer operating systems, it seems that step 4 with setting the BagMRU Size doesn't seem to be used anymore... is that right? Is using ShellFolderFix good enough without adding that regedit anymore? I looked through multiple tutorials on the various sites here and didn't seem to see that last step being included in tutorials if I saw correctly. Or even, is ShellFolderFix still the standard to this day, even though it hasn't been updated in a long time? I haven't seen anything else that does something similar myself.

I'm in the process of needing to reset my folder settings, and I thought before I do anything, I would ask what the consensus was nowadays (even though I'm still on Windows 8.1 x64).

Thanks for any advice on the current state of what the best procedure is to take to get these folders under control.
Much appreciated!