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Whats Better to run? Sandboxie or VM or Parallels etc??

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    Ok great. Google Docs sounds fine, I haven't used that yet.. and it solves space too.. I'll try that.

    meanwhile, Sandboxie, as the title of this thread, is going to be used for installing things temporarily.. and then able to just wipe it out if I don't care for it..

    I came to this conclusion after thinking about with the "other virtual programs", I would have to still uninstall things in the Virtual windows.. I just want to delete the "box" that sandboxie creates.. quick,fast, and done.. solved..

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    It would be no different then any other VM. The only issue is that it you activate a product. The activation server keeps track.

    I use Crossover on my laptop running Linux Mint. I had to call in to activate both Office 2010 & Nuance PDF creator, so that I could use them.

    I never did get into Sandboxie while I was using Windows. Probably because I was not doing certain things.
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    Bro ?

    Activate? I just buy sandboxie yes, then activate sandboxie and then use it to try whatever I want and not have to care about it changing my system..

    Sandboxie is a total complete temporary space so I wouldn't be activating anything inside it as its meant for being completely erased at any moment I believe..

    That's all I'm trying to achieve here!

    If I use virtual whatever else program I have to install windows virtually and deal with all that..

    Sandboxie is amazing - or so I'm about to find out..
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    Linux Mint 17.2

    I know. I just never saw a need to use it, when I always have an extra machine laying around to play with and break things on.

    Office suites are the hardest thing to find one that is one fits all, across the board for different Operating Systems.

    There is always going to be someone out there that wants you to use Office. Because they are afraid of the free options.
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    well I'm into trying Google docs..

    If I had another system to just break, I definitely would.. I do have an old desktop but it's just to slow for me to struggle with trying things..

    So now only my laptop is worth trying things on.. I now have an i7 quad core, 16 gigs ram , SSD.. Etc
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    Linux Mint 17.2

    I just got lucky with getting the one that I got. In-laws get a new desktop. I always get their old system.

    It does come in handy when I need to have a live feed going for something that I can only see online, along with using the laptop.
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Whats Better to run? Sandboxie or VM or Parallels etc??

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